A creative look through our A-Z of client industries.

A creative look through our A-Z of client industries.

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To commemorate our 25th anniversary, we look back over the thousands of projects we have delivered. We thought it would be interesting to create an A-Z of sector work.

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Over the past 25 years, Design Inc has delivered tens of thousands of projects, worked with thousands of companies across many industry sectors. We thought it would be interesting to take a look at our sector marketing over the years and include a few links to our work along the way.

Aviation & Aerospace
When it comes to business aviation marketing, Design Inc is flying high.
With Bombardier Aerospace as our longest ongoing client (over 20 years) and big successes with other major players in the industry, including global advertising campaign for Airbus, web design for Farnborough Airport, market forecasting for Jetcraft and website & app development for Vertis Aviation, rebrand for The Air Charter Association Design Inc is proud to say we are the UK’s number one specialist for business aviation marketing.

On balance, our banking sector marketing is better than most. From a ten year working relationship with payroll specialists, ADP through to the rebranding and creative videos for BancPay, and exhibition stand design for BancTec, our creative solutions provide our clients with the ultimate return on investment.

Over the years, we have built up a strong client base in the construction sector. Walsh Group is one of North America’s largest construction companies and we currently provide ongoing support to the marketing team, who require a vast array of printed & digital marketing collateral. This has included supporting specialist suppliers to the sector with web design for Skyklass and also for building controls supplier, EC Products and brochure work for Cairnhill Structures.

Data Processing
Looking at the numbers, we can see that Design Inc has supported over 20 different companies involved in the data processing sector. We first started supporting payroll & HR software specialists ADP back in 2007. Since then, we have created branding and video for financial transaction experts BancPay and, more recently, new branding for digital identity company Sinerix.

Looking back over the years, we have learnt a lot about the education sector and the best ways in which to help organisations market themselves in this area. Our very first client in this sector was almost 20 years ago, when we designed the new prospectus for Esher College. And, over the years, we have expanded our client base for other schools & colleges, including University of London and then graduation to supporting international business schools. This included brochures for St Giles and the creation of the student welcome pack for ESCP Business Schools.

Freight & Logistics
Being so close to Heathrow, it probably comes as no surprise that we have delivered many creative services to many businesses within the freight sector. We have worked on a wide variety of projects; in fact, our very first client website was for OCS Worldwide. Our work has included advertising campaigns for OCS, new branding for Circle Express, new branding and exhibition stand design for Freightline to website development for music industry logistics specialist Global Motion, Rico Group, or exhibition stand designs for INDY.

When it comes to supporting companies in the geoscience sector, we are happy to move mountains. For example, Rock Flow Dynamics came to us to help in the creation of a new international advertising campaign to promote their reservoir modelling capabilities. It was a very complex requirement but we solved the problem with a highly creative ad campaign that introduced cartoon characters as brand ambassadors.

Over the years, we have looked after many companies in the healthcare sector. In our early days, this included supporting healthcare providers including the ‘wash your hands’ leaflet campaign for the NHS, client engagement posters for Bupa. More recently, we have supported global medical equipment manufacturers with corporate literature & ad campaigns for IBA, medical comms for Starkstrom and ad campaigns for Tanita. Whether it is for company brochures, advertising or digital services, our creative work will certainly get your heart pumping.

When it comes to supporting companies in the interiors sector, we’re right at home! We’ve worked with a variety of companies, including brochure creation for bespoke sauna specialists Drom, advertising campaigns for specialist paint manufacturers Ostendorf and rebranding solutions for home improvement specialists, Repifix.

Our creative work truly sparkles and our clients in this sector have included direct mail for individual jewellers creating bespoke pieces, brochures for well known jewellery retailers and an exquisite advertising campaign for City Diamond Exchange.

Many aspiring F1 drivers see karting as the first rung on the motorsport ladder. But talent alone is never enough to climb that ladder, they need to attract the attention of both media and sponsors. With a background in motorsport marketing, the team at Design Inc lead from the front. We have supported many young drivers to get noticed and, more importantly, to get sponsored.

Law Enforcement
Design Inc is a force to be reckoned with and has built a strong relationship with Surrey Police since 2012. This includes the publishing of their internal newsletter six times a year, the creation & deployment of their public information advertising campaigns as well as their direct mail and digital assets. Our involvement with this sector has also seen us support both Sussex Police and Nottingham Police forces with their own campaigns.

Our drive to build up a client base within the motoring sector has been a success. From first creating staff handbooks for Toyota back in 2007 to creating video brochures and coffee table books for Cargiant or the new branding for Revs Motor Oil. Moreover, our early advertising work with Tesla has given us a great opportunity to help influence change in this industry.

Alongside our work with NHS and BUPA, we have cared for a large number of businesses in the nursing sector over the past 25 years. This includes new branding for Maudsley, LIPS and many medical equipment providers including IBA, Starkstrom and Morgan Innovation. Moreover, we support an increasing number of nursing & care agencies with their own marketing pieces. In fact, one such company, Prestige Nursing, has seen us deliver over one hundred separate projects since the relationship started.

Since our first project for JP Kenny (now Wood Group) in 2008, we have recognised there are oceans of opportunities for a creative agency in the offshore sector. As such, we dived headfirst into this sector and built up a strong portfolio with clients including long-term client, Subsea UK (now GUH) for whom we have delivered over 1000 projects including websites, brochures, industry magazine, adverting, direct mail and exhibitions. Other work in this sector have included the web build for SUT, augmented reality calendars for NOV and branding collateral for Motive Offshore.

For those companies in the pharma sector looking for stronger comms, Design Inc’s creativity is often the remedy. Whether it is creating effective advertising, powerful websites or creative company brochures, we are here to support. Recent projects within this sector include new website build for pharma forecasting consultants Inpharmation and airport advertising campaign for Swiss-based clinical research consultants SFL.

Quality assurance
Our first client within the quality assurance sector dates back to 2013 when we were approached directly by the CPD Standards Office to support them in designing their certification. More recently, we were delighted to win a contract with Navex Global, specialists in ethics and compliance. For them we provide all their corporate literature including their Whistleblowing Report.

We’ve been appointed by many recruitment agencies over the years, taking on some very interested creative jobs. Some other these clients provide general recruitment services, others are specialists in their fields. Projects include interactive brochures for finance agency Sheridan Maine, creative website build for hospitality agency Troika and exhibition stand design, brochures and website for offshore recruitment specialists Tech Professionals.

For the past 25 years, our team has been programmed to ensure high quality creative & digital solutions for clients in all sectors. The software sector is one in which Design Inc has real depth of knowledge. With the industry evolving quicker than most, we have supported both newcomers and well-established global businesses including Exact, SAP, Ensono with their printed collateral. Moreover, we have devised and delivered the brand ambassador advertising for Rock Flow Dynamics.

For those companies in the travel sector wanting to take their marketing to new places, then Design Inc have the drive, knowledge and skills to help. Our work has included the ad campaign for specialist sports travel agency, MVP Travel branding and website for luxury travel company L’Voyage.

If you are looking to bring some energy to your marketing comms, Design Inc is ideally placed and has many years experience to support. From helping a whole host of companies in the oil & gas industry through to individual businesses providing water, gas, telecoms & even solar heating.

Venue marketing is another arena in which we are ideally placed. Since 1997, we have supported many well-known venues increase both their profile and revenue. Our work has seen us deliver many successful projects including outstanding ad campaigns for Royal Opera House, Thistle Guomon Hotels, London Film Museum and Victory Services Club.

Ever since 2010, when we won the account to design and publish the newsletter for Yakult, our client base within this sector has never looked so healthy. Our clients include businesses from all areas of the industry and our work has included designing the brochures for Tower Bridge Wellness, rebranding for Reduxion Clinics and LIPS.

Our experience of the wider medical sector has led to us working with companies that specialise in the use of X-ray for cancer and dermatology treatments. Projects include website design for Gulmay, brochure design for Xstrahl and printed collateral for Dental Dynamix.

To be honest, working for clients in the yachting sector has been plain sailing for us as our work, targeting high-net-worth individuals, perfectly complements our work within the private aviation sector. From designing advertising for Oceanstyle to designing lay-flat brochures for Ice Marine or building a new website for Prime Choice Marine, we know how to appeal to a highly discerning audience.

We’d be ‘lion’ if we said we have supported hundreds of clients in this field. But, there have been a few. And this includes providing London Zoo with a new marketing campaign. But, to expand upon the client base in this sector, we are keen to hear from conservationists, wildlife charities, animal behaviourists or even vets.

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