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MVP Travel approached us back in 2015 having just launched their new sports tour business and were looking for an agency to support them with a holiday advertising campaign.

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MVP Travel holiday advertisement campaign

Holiday advertising campaign

MVP Travel is a niche travel agency, providing sports based holidays to the US. They had launched the business via three subsidiary companies and were looking to break into the US sports tour market.

Their subsidiary brands were called Touchdown Trips, Homerun Trips & Slamdunk Trips. And these would be used to market exclusively to the sports fan for American Football, Baseball and Basketball respectively.

Each brand required an advertisement which would have deep impact with their respective audiences. And so, we set to work on the creation of a holiday advertising campaign that would have impact for ears to come.

The design

Following a period of research, it was agreed the advertising should attempt to capture the experience of attending a game. The passion of the fans, the anticipation of the run up, the emotion of the play..

We set to work gathering a load of relevant imagery both from paid and royalty-free image libraries. And, with these images, we created a colourful montage of jubilant & passionate fan & player imagery all encompassed within an iconic outline shape of the team player.

The result was a campaign with immediate impact. First year’s revenue surpassed everyone’ expectations and this led the company to introduce more divisions for other sports: motorsport, golf & ice hockey.