Design is incorporated within everything that UK creative agency, Design Inc delivers. We eat it, drink it, breathe it, live it. We have always been and will always be passionate about delivering the highest levels of creativity in all the design & digital projects we undertake.

Devising the logistics brand identity for Wallis Freight
Brainstorming ideas - UK creative agency

Ideas & IP

It is our ideas and IP that sets us apart. Of course we will deliver these through innovative media channels and ensure the project comes in at the right quality, on time and within budget. But these are givens aren’t they?

At Design Inc, the creatives and marketers work closely together to ensure that creativity is focused not diffused and all proposed ideas and designs are on brand and on brief.

Creative promotional literature - UK creative agency
The creative design process - part of the creative agency services provided by Design Inc

The Creative Brief

To help manage the creative design process and, as part of our overall strategy,  we develop a ‘creative brief’. This document is always shared with clients during the early stages of a project. The creative brief describes our approach to translating the written client brief into the shortlisted visual design concepts.

This methodology ensures client and creative team are on the same page, expectations are managed and the project remains on track in terms of meeting or better still exceeding the clients expectations but staying within budget and on schedule.

Popup promotional book - UK creative agency
The creative process - UK creative agency

The Creative Process

Our design team has been built around a unique set of skills possessed by the individuals. We pride ourselves on the way the different personalities work so well together, bringing a diversity to the proposed solution to any creative brief.

Each team member has a specialism and a passion, but it is the core process of idea development and communication of that idea that connects us as one. It is the visual language in which we are all fluent.

Printed advertisement for Airbus Helicopters in magazine

Ahead Of The Curve

When developing a range of ideas to answer a brief, we always seek to provide long lasting value for our clients. Often a stepped approach is used with evolutionary leaps from the current and familiar position the project currently occupies. This range may end with a revolutionary option, where there is no connection to the current or expected position. The more leaps – the more value.

Our genre-challenging Airbus Helicopters adverts were used for five years, two more than the planned shelf-life and even then they were somewhat reluctantly withdrawn due to a reorganisation that led to Airbus’ agency consolidation. However, as a footnote. Whilst good creative ideas may intrigue, mystifying the client and the consumer is never a good idea. So concepts that are too ‘out there’ are often moderated before they are proposed.

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