Design Inc act as your outsourced marketing management specialists to ensure your planned marketing strategy is perfectly executed and the resulting impact is measured.

Strategic marketing management solutions by Design Inc

Marketing management is defined as the process of overseeing and planning new product development, advertising, promotions and sales.
An example of this is the creation and implementation of an advertising campaign – ensuring the adverts are created and supplied to the media platform in time.
The marketing team at Design Inc perform all managerial functions for our clients. This includes the identification & evaluation of market opportunities, creation of appropriate strategies with consideration to the full marketing mix.

Once the marketing strategy has been formulated and planned, we will manage the running of that marketing programmes and campaigns on a medium to long-term basis with accountability being achieved through an agreed ROI reporting calendar:

Snapshots ensure you are fully informed of what has been done/achieved.

Regular meetings to review progress, engage with all the key members of your team, provide feedback, receive new information and ensure that the process is dynamic and effective

A performance review of the strategy and mix of activities currently under way.

Annual Strategy Review and KPI Analysis. To ensure continuous evolution and development.