Interview with a long-standing client: Global Underwater Hub

Interview with a long-standing client: Global Underwater Hub

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As part of Design Inc's 25th anniversary celebrations, we interviewed Global Underwater Hub, a long-term client. Here's what they had to say about us.

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It’s easy for us to sing our own praises but we think that our enduring working relationships with many clients say so much more.
As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations we’ve asked one of our longstanding clients to give us their view on working with Design Inc.
Here’s what the Communications Manager of Global Underwater Hub, has to say.

So, how long have you been working with Design Inc?

Global Underwater Hub has been working with Design Inc for fifteen years now. In fact, when we first started working together, GUH was actually known as Subsea UK. Design Inc is our longest-running supplier of creative design and web services, which speaks volumes about the quality of work they deliver and the relationship we have.

How did you discover Design Inc and what made you decide to work with them?

Design Inc was initially contracted to build our website – it was a major project to entrust to an agency that was new to us. But their creativity, professionalism and ‘above and beyond’ work ethic shone through during the procurement process and definitely set them apart from other agencies.

What can you recall about your first experience of working with Design Inc?

Initially, Design Inc worked with me to help me understand the content management system of the website they’d built. As web technology developed, we later redeveloped the site to create greater functionality and a better user experience for our membership. What struck me then, and still holds true today, is that Design Inc never say ‘no’ when presented with design or technical challenges; no matter how ambitious the idea, they find a way to deliver it. And they do it in style.

When did you realise you’d made the right decision in working with Design Inc?

For me, it’s all about the positive feedback we receive. Working with Design Inc, we are able to consistently produce high-quality, creative work that hits the right tone and delivers the message, which resonates with our members and industry.

How would you describe your working relationship and how has it developed over time?

We have a great synergy. Design Inc enhances our capability to communicate effectively with our industry. We don’t have an in-house resource for creative design, so this has been a crucial relationship for us over the years.

Have there been any really significant projects where Design Inc has made a difference?

Time and again the Design Inc team has proved that they really go the extra mile to make difficult projects less stressful. But yes, one definitely springs to mind. Early on in our relationship, we asked Design Inc to overhaul and redesign our magazine, GUH News. At the time, it had a readership of less than a thousand – over the years, with Design Inc’s help, the magazine has grown to become a leading and widely recognised industry publication with over 25,000 subscribers. It’s impressive!

What do you enjoy most about working with the team?

Design Inc ‘get it’, they understand GUH completely. They are masters of getting to the core of what we need to convey and pulling together the right way to deliver it.

How do they add value?

Not only do they understand our business, they provide results fast. Unlike other suppliers, we never have to explain what we want, never have to chase and very rarely need to make amendments to their work. This saves us both time and money, not to mention the huge saving on aggravation!

Any memorable moments to share? Or projects that have had significant impact?

We worked with Design Inc on our ‘Subsea Target’ initiative, which was designed to help people choose their career in the underwater sectors, as well as transition into the industry from different backgrounds. Design Inc created a colourful, unique and inspiring campaign that brought in people from a wide variety of backgrounds, at different stages in their lives and careers, which really helped us start a dialogue about where they could see themselves heading. It was particularly effective in helping ex-military people transition into the industry and, importantly, provided inspiration for young people to consider a career in subsea.”

If someone asked why you work with Design Inc (or why should they choose Design Inc) what would you say?

Design Inc is a really friendly team with awesome creativity and smart ideas, they are just a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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