Brand Packaging

Brand Packaging

Great packaging design enables your product to truly stand out in a competitive marketplace. It engages consumers, attracts buyers and establishes client loyalty. Whether your project is placed on supermarket shelves, in high street shops or online retailers, your brand packaging needs to work harder than ever.

REVS packaging design by branding agency, Design Inc

Brand Packaging Design, Staines-upon-Thames

The brand packaging of your product is a crucial part of your overall brand. The size, shape and material used, the colour, design, imagery and messaging. How the packaging feels in the hand may be just as important as how it looks to the eye. All these factors and more will help the customer make a decision about your product – its quality, value and desirability.

A good brand packaging design agency will ensure your packaging is attractive, relevant and recognisable. Get it right and this will help the consumer make the ultimate decision – will they buy it? And will they continue to do so? Design Inc ensures that all packaging design projects are developed in line with the existing brand values. Ensuring brand consistency is the key to good packaging design.

Our first step is to get to understand the brand (the company, product and identity). By fully understanding the brand values, we can ensure these are reflected seamlessly within the packaging design.

bamboo toothbrushes in their brand packaging

Ensuring Clarity

The brand packaging design needs to make it clear what it is the consumer is buying. If the product packaging has been designed to show the actual product, then great – the consumer can view the quality, style, colour, etc which improves the opportunity for sales. However, if the consumer doesn’t know what the product is, what it does, what it does better (than the competition), then sales will be affected.

The packaging design should create an impression of the ‘value’ & quality of the product within. Whilst there may be many rules & requirements to include certain information (for printing purposes, legal or otherwise), simplicity in the packaging design is often the key here. Whilst the packaging may need to include barcodes, environmental statements, logos, ingredients, etc, a simple design promoting the product, the features and benefits is often the most effective.

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