Coffee Table Book for Cargiant – The World’s Largest Car Dealership

Cargiant is the world’s largest used car dealership. It is a record breaker and even appears in the Guinness Book of World Records. The extensive site in London’s White City – where used cars come in one end and leave at the other – is key to Cargiant’s efficiency, choice and value.
We were delighted to support them back in 2014, with the design & production of a heavyweight coffee table book to promote their sprawling site.

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The brief: coffee table book

As part of the regeneration of Old Oak Common, the HS2 rail terminal was planned for the site upon which Cargiant are positioned. We were approached by Cargiant to create a high profile coffee table brochure that would also act as an inventory documentation of their unique site.

The underlying purpose of this publication was to lobby the London Assembly and leverage the importance and value of the site (to both Cargiant and the local community) should a compulsory purchase offer be made. The brochure would pictorially illustrate the company’s dependence upon the site for its unique business model.

The approach

Once commissioned for the project, Design Inc moved into top gear, providing a strategic schedule of project processes, outcomes and deliverables including meetings, site recces, design, copy writing and editing, aerial and ground photography, artworking, printing, bookbinding and finally delivery – on schedule.

Designing a coffee table book of this quality and scope is no mean feat under any circumstances. And the urgent schedule and Christmas/New Year timing put the whole process under a lot of extra pressure not least due to bad weather for photography coupled with the fact that any aerial photography required extensive permission from Heathrow air traffic control.

The outcome

Extensive aerial and ground photography provided over 3000 images for us to select from. – giving rise to a publication of 120 pages. Once compiled, the book was produced with hard-backed board cover and special end papers featuring an extensive site map.

The creation of this publication was so much more than design and print. The project management itself was a mammoth task and involved the coming together of many different creative disciplines. And, with a 8 week deadline in Winter, there was no room for any error.

We are very proud to confirm that we personally delivered the books to the client a whole week in advance of the deadline.