Media Planning

Media Planning

The role of a media planning agency is to create a strategic action plan for your advertising campaigns from pre-defined marketing objectives that best suit the brand or product.

Creative agency team planning the media buying strategy

Where, what, when, who?

Working with a media planning agency for your advertising campaign is crucial to ensure maximum results. Understanding and agreeing the 4 W’s is the key here:

What is it that is being advertised?
Who is the ideal audience we need to be targeting?
When will the advertising campaign run? For how long?
Where will the advertisements appear?

And, of course, what are the goals of the campaign and how are we able to measure the success?

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Media planning and buying

Setting the Budget

Understanding the objectives of the campaign will help shape the budget. However, it is also the case that the budget helps shape the direction of the campaign.

A higher budget allows bigger impact, increased audience and higher response rates. After all, an advertising slot on TV will cost much more than a print advert in a local paper. But, if you are not targeting the right audience, your money is wasted.

Design Inc can help create your media planning schedule and provide media options to suit your objectives and budgets.

Large format printed poster advertising at a train station

Media Buying

Local newspapers, national magazines, billboards, TV, radio, social media. Exhibitions, airports, train stations, bus stops, supermarkets, garage forecourts. The placement options for your advertising campaign are many and it can be a confusing project in itself.

Design Inc is not a dedicated media planning agency but we work closely with a network of specialist media planning and buying agencies, such as Transport Media, to ensure you do not have to.