‘Joined Up’ 

SFL are a leading consultancy providing integrated solutions to pharma, biotech and medtech companies. They approached us to create a single large format, OOH advertisement to appear in a travelator corridor wall at Basel Airport.

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Train station OOH advertising

Location, location, location

From initial research, we found that the OOH advert would be 6m in length and would be positioned on the left hand side wall, along a long corridor that led passengers from the plane to passport control.

Moreover, with passengers moving quickly along that corridor on a travelator, we also knew that passengers would not have alot of time to take in the whole advert. It therefore needed to give most impact within a short space of time.

Our creative solution focused on a design that would provide immediate information as the passenger moved forward in the direction of their travel.

Single line drawing advert

A ‘single line drawing advert’ is one that uses an unbroken line to depict an image. Our solution for SFL used one to promote the company’s four key values:
  Cost Effective

Each of the values were depicted as a lightbulb, threaded needle, puzzle and cash, with the unbroken line leading to the company details and brand.

The single line drawing advertising concept has since been repurposed many times for different sized advertising and the client’s website. Moreover it has most recently been animated too.