Public Relations

Public Relations

Managing a positive and transparent profile across printed and digital media requires joined-up public relations strategies.

Media relations

Media Relations

We have been communicating the marketplace and community reputations of key clients for many years. Developing the right profile within media circles requires public relations services, planning and constant management. Reacting to enquiries too, especially answering difficult question needs a practised procedure.

Managing a positive and transparent profile across printed and digital media requires a joined-up strategy and tactical delivery of content from disparate origins.

Corporate communications

Corporate Communications

Telling clients, partners and stakeholders about new product or service developments, news updates, company reporting or M&As. We work closely with each client to identify both its key messages and target audiences and how best to reach them. From this initial phase a strategic communication plan is put in place to interlink the overall focus and long-term goals of the project.

Public relations strategies may include corporate partnerships, sponsorship marketing, affiliate relations, ghost blogging and other joined-up threads and a synchronicity in profile raising.

Employee engagement

Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce is an informed workforce. Every employee does not need to be involved in every decision but there is a balance between sharing and dictating to be managed. As a company’s most important asset, staff should be motivated and inspired through initiatives such as internal newsletters and advised of any changes to procedure or policy in well-constructed statements before the information becomes public knowledge.

We have a strong track record in employee engagement management, including the award winning communication of complex and sensitive issues arising from structural changes in organisations.

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