Training & Recruitment

Training & Recruitment

We are a trusted provider of branding, digital marketing and website development solutions for the training and recruitment sectors. 

Engaging audiences

We have longstanding relationships with a number of leading industry specific training providers for whom we provide a full, joined-up marketing, design and digital service.

Our strategic marketing plans and creative advertising campaigns within the recruitment sector are often employed to cut-through and reach the resources and skills in competitive labour markets such as engineering and healthcare. Our publishing teams also work on sector reports & salary surveys in hospitality and accountancy.

With so much brand visibility, marketing, engagement and service delivery now online, our clients in the Training and Recruitment sectors have come to depend upon the powerful and multi-functional web-based platforms we have provided at the heart of their business models. Our work often enabling additional revenue streams and resulting in driving down admin costs through automation.

We have developed secure user dashboards, job boards, application form and CV building functionalities for recruitment sites, often using the integrated macros and plug-ins for functions like search and candidate profiling. Other bespoke solutions for training sector clients have included community forums, teaching and training tools and CDP tracking.

Clients in the sector have benefited from the following:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Marketing collateral
  • Digital marketing
  • Experiential
  • Websites with member dashboards
  • API integration
  • Search marketing

Recruitment advertising

All our creative proposals for advertising are based on a campaignable concept – where a range of executions can be used to engage different audience sub-sectors. Campaigns build brands and populating campaigns with diverse characters, context and copy takes the narrative to the individual.

Many of our campaigns have required the research, sourcing or commissioning of bespoke imagery to provide a different and even unique asset. This includes illustration – traditional and CGI, specialist photography, with art direction, location selection, models, styling and props etc. When combined with the creative headline the combined result should engage and evoke the viewer.

Advertising is a powerful tool in the perception-shifters toolkit. An ad may challenge or confront, inform or confirm, make you feel comfortable or prick your conscience. Two high profile recruitment advertising campaigns we executed are:

Subsea sector: How would a subsea career sit with you?
To attract career changers with different levels of transferable skills and experience to mitigate a projected skills shortage in a key engineering sector where ‘UK limited’ is a world leader, we developed the advertising campaign for ‘Subsea Target’. Different potential subsea workers (from those already in the industry down to school leavers) were shown sitting on a long sofa coloured in such a way to complement the layers of a target.

Law enforcement: What do you want to be when you grow-up?
We created a very different recruitment advertising campaign for a police force which resulted in a huge response. The graphic depicted toy police officer characters combined with the headline ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. The subtext being that you may be working in a role that does not offer the adult responsibility and satisfaction that you would get in the many guises a police officer has to adopt in the line of duty.

Maxed-out digital marketing

Extensive experience in working with clients in this sector means our search marketing team are experts in digital marketing for training and recruitment providers.
Whether our clients require organic, PPC or analytics solutions, our consultants are there to help maximise the ROI and reach of online investment. Furthermore, with many clients operating across several key areas including social media marketing, we are often required to manage joined-up campaigns – resulting in increased volumes of highly-targeted traffic being driven to key areas of clients sites.

Business critical platforms

We specialise in web builds for the training & recruitment sector. This includes features such as personalised members’ dashboards, custom learning management and booking systems and course attendance tracking for CPD. A rich functionality enabled through robust integrations with applications including Keap, Vimeo, Xero and Stripe.

Our business critical platforms for recruitment consultants. Include features such as bespoke-build and integration of 3rd party job boards, powerful search and CV building tools.

Case studies from the Recruitment sector

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