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‘OffBEAT’ – Internal Newsletter design for Surrey Police

When Design Inc were asked to design and publish Surrey Police’s internal newsletter, ‘OffBEAT’ we were delighted.
Magazine and newsletter publishing is one of Design Inc’s core capabilities and, for many years, we have supported many companies, brands and organisations with the creative design and print of their publications. And so, adding another publication into our publishing portfolio was music to our ears.

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Internal newsletter design

‘OffBEAT’ is the name of Surrey Police’s internal newsletter, running for almost 50 years! and created to share relevant, interesting and engaging information across all departments of the county’s police force.

Following a tender pitch in late 2019, Design Inc were awarded the contract to publish OffBEAT which is now released internally six times a year. Design Inc work closely with the police’s comms team to design the articles in an informative and engaging style. Whilst ensuring everything is kept on brand.

Using the the latest publishing software, the publication exists in both printed form and digitally, uploaded to the force’s intranet for all to view.

The creative process

For Surrey Police’s internal newsletter design and print is total managed by Design Inc and, over the past few years, the client has built up a nice catalogues of creative newsletters.

Our creative process always begins with understanding the aims of each publication as there is generally a key theme or topic running through.
Once we have an understanding of the theme, a publishing schedule is then agreed with the client, allowing enough time for each article to be written by the different members of the team.

And, whilst the content is being written, we will be working on the design of the front cover which, for this publication, is typically a single image.

More than creative

The creation of magazines and newsletters like this often requires more than design & print services. In many cases, it also involves the use of copywriters, photographers, illustrators and translators.

And, in the case of OffBEAT, we also provide puzzle creators to establish the strategic puzzle which normally sites on the back page and which provides the readers with an opportunity to win a prize

Client Comment
‘OffBEAT’ has been an intrinsic part of our internal comms since 1973! Keeping it fresh is key; this is where Design Inc have really managed to breathe new life into it. Each edition is professional and appealing. They also smash the deadlines – I never have to chase!