Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable online content (web pages, blog articles, social media posts, video, imagery, infographics, etc) to the targeted audience.

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Whatever your message, digital asset or audience, creating targeted content is key within the digital marketing mix.
Of course, not all content needs to be written, you may want to create videos for YouTube or imagery for Instagram. What is important is that your digital content needs to be relevant for your audience.

Moreover, with the web awash with a huge amount of content even great content can appear lost. To make your content rise above the noise, it’ crucial that it is created to be unique, compelling and relevant.

As well as raising brand awareness, building trust and credibility, your content is a major influencing factor for SEO, attracting relevant & targeted visitors to your site, engaging with them once they are there and pushing them to make an enquiry.
Great, optimised and relevant content can really make or break a website’s overall performance. 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) content marketing

The Design Inc team care about content so whether it’s a graphic, video, animated gif, social media post or a blog article, we are here to help.
Moreover, if you are looking to gain more traction with your website, we will be there for you with your search marketing, looking at keywords and phrases and ensuring your pages are optimised accordingly.

Our team comprises creatives & strategists, designers, artworkers, copywriters & developers. Together we will build a content strategy that reaches your audience and educates, inspires, engages and entertains.