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London Wellness Marketing & Healthcare Literature

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When it comes to London wellness marketing, a nice example of current thinking is demonstrated by Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy. This unique establishment is located - as the name suggests, next to Tower Bridge in Courage Yard, just off Shad…

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When it comes to the creation of effective healthcare literature, Design Inc leads the way. And, one of our latest projects is testament to that.

As well as offering the full range of neighbourhood pharmacy services and products, the Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy provides the very latest in medical wellness testing, personal discussion of results and consultative advice on maintaining, improving or returning to health lifestyle strategies.

The wellness marketing & healthcare literature we have developed for Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy, including a comprehensive 48 A4 page brochure, provides an in depth and informative source of information on not only offerings like Functional Medicine, in which the pharmacist is qualified, but also how to benefit from a DNA testing-informed approach to personalised healthcare.

In addition to the main brochure, where the proprietor’s enlightened approach to medicine and wellbeing is fully showcased, we have summarised the proposition in both a 12 page A5 mini-guide and a brief 4pp A5 overview leaflet.

We look forward to supporting Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy further as this dynamic start-up innovative business has ambitious plans for growth.
Alongside what you would expect from a regular pharmacy the complementary personalised medicine services on offer really do set the company apart and represent the future of healthcare.

View the Tower Bridge Wellness Pharmacy brochure here.

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