The appetite for digital marketing services is all consuming. Whether for advertising, commerce, communication, education or entertainment, Design Inc is one step ahead to ensure the strongest digital marketing strategy.

Aviation rebranding

Digital marketing services cover all types and methodologies of marketing that passes through digital devices to reach the consumer. This covers website design, social media, advertising and viewed via mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.

Design Inc’s first website was built in 1997. These days, the appetite for digital marketing is so powerful that the digital landscape is an ever changing environment. Consumer requirements change so quickly that digital designers have needed to become more sophisticated in the delivery, security and effectiveness of their solutions.

These days, both content and mobile is king within digital marketing, with more than 50% of internet use via mobile. Websites, news, TV, social media platforms, gaming, music – everything is now configured to be accessible through one device.

Digital data is truly marketers dream. Mobile use, Google searches, social media, etc all provide in-depth information regarding the user’s geographic, demographic, social and behavioural information. Targeted marketing to the digital audience has never been so easy.

Subsea Target website design

Website Design

Since 1997, we have designed and built websites. Back then they were a simplistic digital presence. More style over content. These days, websites need to work so much harder in order to stand out from the rest.

All websites we build are done so with a ‘mobile-first’ approach. They have a very strong presence on search engines, are robustly coded with high security in mind and are built with a flexible WordPress content management system to enable you to quickly and easily and make your own edits.

And, should you wish for us to host the site on our secure servers, well, we will happily do that too.


using SEO & PPC on a laptop


Having a beautiful and secure website design is one thing. Attracting visitors to your site is another. And that’s why search engine marketing is crucial to your business success.

At Design Inc, our web development services include a heavy focus on ensuring not only does your website attract visitors but that these  visitors are relevant – ie they are actually looking for the products and services you are offering.

From the initial SEO audit, through to keyword research, site optimisation and ongoing campaign management and review, whether through organic or paid searches (PPC), we are here to help.


Content and digital strategy agency

Content Marketing

Content is the glue that bonds marketing with sales. It’s not just words but imagery, video & graphics too. Whatever your message, your digital asset or your audience, creating great content that shouts out over the noise is key to your digital marketing strategy and your future business success.

Our team comprises creatives & strategists, designers, artworkers, copywriters & developers. Together we will build a content strategy that reaches your audience and educates, inspires, engages and entertains.


digital marketing: mobile advertising


Whereas traditional advertising appears on TV, in magazines or on billboards, digital advertising enables your message to be ideally promoted through a vast range of digital media channels whether viewed through mobile, tablet of desktop.

Content-led advertising (Google searches: SEO, PPC) serves to pull in those people searching for your services
Whereas, display advertising (designed content: images & videos) serves to push out your message to the targeted audience (based on the user’s behaviour, preferences, search history, location, etc.


Person receiving email marketing advertisement on tablet

Email Marketing

With the whole world connected and constantly online, email marketing provides the optimum solution when you are looking to quickly and cost-effectively advertise to your target market and measure the reach of the campaign.

When done well, the sending of personalised and targeted advertising through eMarketing can provide a measured return on investment. Moreover, with everyone having instant access to their email inbox, wherever they are, the impact window is always open.


digital marketing: social media advertising on a laptop

Social Media

Social media marketing involves creating different types of marketing, sales and influencing content for various social media platforms.

These days there are hundreds of platforms but the core business platforms remain as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube.

We can help you set up & manage your social media accounts, create the content for regular submissions as well as running targeted social media advertising campaigns that reach the audience based on their specific preferences and interests.


Creative video production


in today’s digital age, video is more popular than ever; easy to view, easily accessible and flexible across multiple platforms.
Consumers love video because it cuts through the noise of other advertising format whereas marketers love it because they know it can truly engage and influence the consumer.

As a digital marketing services agency, we can help with your video production, whether this be a ten second animation, a 5 minute explainer presentation or corporate advertisement.