Whether you are looking to establish a new marketing strategy or activation and management of your existing marketing plans on an ongoing basis, look no further than digital strategy agency, Design Incorporated.

Content and digital strategy agency

As an award-winning creative marketing and digital strategy agency, Design Inc is perfectly placed to assess your existing business strategy and look at your positioning and performance. We will identify and evaluate strategic marketing options to boost your business. We can assist you to develop a creative marketing strategy to support the achievement of your business plan.

Our creative marketing & digital strategy agency services include: Business strategy development, marketing strategy development, market analysis, competitive position analysis, strategic option review, market identification and segmentation, business planning, business performance management and business and market review.

Marketing communications strategy

Marketing Communications Strategy

Based on your business or campaign goals we will develop an integrated marketing communications strategy that will optimise your investment budget.

  • Strategy oversight
  • Implementation
  • Timescales
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Management and reporting
Marketing planning


We can work with you to develop your marketing plan.

  • Background
  • Key information from your business plan
  • Objectives
  • Financial, product, service and sector, in detail
  • Marketing requirements
  • What must be communicated

Research, analysis and insight will form the foundation of our planning. We will define the proposition and positioning, build a message matrix and profile the target audience.


Customer research


Market and customer insight is essential in the development of a marketing plan or creative brief, and we provide a complete strategy, authoring, sampling, analysis and insight service for our projects.


Marketing management

Marketing Management

We can act as your outsourced activation managers to ensure the strategy and planning is perfectly executed and the resulting impact is measured. Having a strategy and a marketing plan is great. but ensuring it is implemented, on track and measured is crucial.


Public relations

Public Relations

Managing your brand’s reputation through media channels, social relationships, friends, colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers. Our strategic communications consultancy services are designed to promote your products and businesses as well as to enable you to effectively connect with your customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to suggest and implement the best strategies and channels for client messages. Individual PR and communications packages can be created, either as a long-term co-ordinated activity or on an individual project basis.