Revs Motor Oil

Revs Motor Oil

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International bunker oil company, Prima Marine required high performance branding support to help their new automotive lubricant launch within the Asian market.
The scope of the project was to include a full brand identity as well as packaging design and POS collateral.

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REVS packaging design by branding agency, Design Inc

As with all branding projects, a period of deep insight is required. We needed to understand the product, the customers, the marketplace. And to work with the client to shape the development of the brand,.

With Prima Marine planning to initially market the motorĀ  in Pakistan, it was crucial that the brand needed to stand out amongst the competition in a saturated market.

The product was to be a premium high performance product and a decision was made that any brand should reference this ‘high performance’ in some visual way.

High performance brand

Automotive performance is led by motorsport and, for years, Asian media had been heavily influenced by British motorsport. It was this single factor that led us to consider the brand should evoke a level of ‘Britishness’.
A number of naming routes were initially proposed and these included names to do with performance, engineering as well as historic names in British motor racing: drivers, circuits, corners, etc.

Eventually, we settled on the name REVS and decided the logo should simply be that name in a stylised font.
The four letters in the name were designed as if they were corners on a motor racing track. And, within the V we included part of the Union Jack.

A high performance brand in every way. What ho!