The Farnborough Airport Calendar

The Farnborough Airport Calendar

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The 2020 Farnborough Airport calendar was one of the first showings of the company's new brand.

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Design Inc specialise in bespoke calendar designs, and the annual Farnborough Airport calendar project has become something of a tradition for the creative team here at Design Incorporated, and the 2020 calendar was no exception.

And to celebrate the Farnborough Airport’s new branding, this year’s brief was to create a bespoke desktop calendar that is both functional and ahead of the curve, and which represents the brand values of Farnborough Airport.  

As with previous years, such as their 2018 calendar, exploration of concepts, formats, materials, content and design begins in the late summer. The materials must be the best possible quality for the purpose, and the calendar must be able to be delivered to clients safely with sustainability front of mind. Once received, the calendar must then take pride of place on the recipients desk – winning out over any others received and ensuring Farnborough Airport remains front of mind all year.

Our previous bespoke calendar designs for Farnborough Airport have featured shaped metal and acrylic structures to hold the calendar leaves, and we have also previously developed supporting augmented reality content too that was viewable through an App – with each new month revealing a new video presentation about different aspects of the airport.

Farnborough Airport has fantastic sustainability performance, so this year’s project sought to highlight this aspect of the award winning FBO through our use of environmentally friendly materials and processes.

Organic materials including bamboo, and other types of wood were reviewed for quality and suitability purposes. Uncoated FSC accredited boards were carefully selected for the monthly leaves to allow them to be written on, and retain integrity throughout the year based on different types of temperatures and conditions.

The preferred bespoke calendar design concept from those presented is a carefully hand crafted hardwood cantilevered base which acts as a support for individual monthly leaves which also doubles as a mobile phone and tablet stand – giving it a long-term use beyond 2020 and provides a permanent reminder of Farnborough Airport.

The base wood colour reflects high quality finishes in the terminal lounges, and each one is different based on how the wood grain appears.

Production wise, and for the individual monthly leaves, due to the airport rebranding project happening at the same time, we needed to match the calendar design process to the timing of the branding project, so the calendar template artwork was ready to receive the new logo as soon as it was approved.

Production went as planned, and the print and manufacturing of the bespoke calendars were ready for despatch on schedule, as were the base, the packaging and the postage labels.

The 2020 Farnborough Airport calendar became one of the very first airings for the new brand, and the selection of a sustainable approach sets out the stall for the airport’s new owners deep-rooted commitment to infrastructure projects with the best possible environmental credentials.

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