Devising the Fantastic 2020 Puzzle Calendar for RFD

Devising the Fantastic 2020 Puzzle Calendar for RFD

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When it comes to the design of engaging & creative calendars, Design Inc are hard to beat. Read on to learn more about the puzzle calendars we created for reservoir modelling specialists, Rock Flow Dynamics.

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desktop calendar design for RFD

Design Inc are proud to be known for the creative calendars we design for our clients. We always try to create something out of the ordinary, something that will be truly engaging and memorable. Something different that creates a talking point.

Rock Flow Dynamics approached us for their 2020 calendar back in August 2019. They were looking for a desk top calendar that would entertain their global clients, enhance their brand and further promote their message.

Earlier in the year, Design Inc were responsible for RFD’s ground-breaking advertising campaign which saw the introduction of cartoon characters acting as brand ambassadors for their flagship product, tNavigator. Each character was carefully crafted with unique styles, personality traits and outside interests. All of which devised to enhance the company’s position as market leaders.

The lead brand ambassador is tNav Tim. He is a Reservoir Engineer and designed to be an athletic pioneer. Tim was established as the ‘early adopter’ of the product who would go on to help, guide & influence others to see the benefits of the system.

Jim is a Geologist, and loves fossil collecting, mountain climbing & caving.
Flo is a Production Engineer with a passion for scuba diving and tropical fish.
Mo is a Subsurface Manager, who loved all outdoor sports, especially cycling.

Whilst they all had different personalities, one of the main things they had in common was that they were all strong problem solvers which is why they use tNavigator’s modelling & simulation software in their day-to-day work.

This commonality was the driving force behind the creative calendar concept. We would create 12 illustrations featuring the characters posing puzzles to the reader. There would be four word puzzles, four number puzzles and four image puzzles

illustrative puzzle, RFD calendar
July 2020 RFD calendar

Each puzzle was designed to incorporate the characters in their ‘out of office environment’. So, for example;
January sees a word puzzle with all the words containing the word ‘TIM’. The puzzle requires you to work out Tim’s job title from the highlighted boxes?
June sees Jim and his dog Rocky inside a labyrinth cave. The puzzle needs you to find the way out?
July sees Flo scuba diving amongst tropical fish. The puzzle needs you work out which two fish are identical?
December sees all four characters skating on an outdoor ice rink. the puzzle requires you to find them all amongst the crowd?

illustrative calendar
RFD 2020 calendar: maze puzzle.

The whole creative calendar project was devised and designed by the team at Design Inc over three months. This included:
– strategic concepts
– creation of puzzles
– illustrations
– design & artworking
– printing (on sustainable stock)
– global despatch

example of RFD 2020 creative calendar
RFD 2020 calendar: spot the difference.

Final thought
Design Inc’s Commercial Director, Frank Norman says: “We take our creative calendars projects seriously. The RFD calendar was a true labour of love and a pleasure to see it all come together as beautifully as it did. I am proud of the whole team – the designers, the strategists, the puzzle setters and the illustrators.”

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