Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Advertising has evolved and doors have opened to a new era of digital advertising, enabling advertisers to personally engage their core audiences in new ways and with more precision.

Creative advertising

For when the medium is screen rather than print, Design Inc will design your advertisement to work best for this medium. This could simply be a static single-page artwork like a print advertisement, a multi-frame animated advertisement or even video advertising.

As an established digital advertising agency, we have many years experience in creating effective designs that both work for the appropriate screen size and truly engage the viewer. Wherever your creative digital advert needs to appear – on a website, touchscreen or a digital billboard, we will create effective designs that both work for the appropriate screen size and truly engage the viewer.

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Social media advertising

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising campaigns are a great way to reach your customers. Whether your audience is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, we will devise a creative advertising strategy that reaches them through your social media channels.

As an integrated digital advertising agency, we know that great advertising design and messaging will capture your audience’s attention and lead them to your company website to find out more, make an enquiry.


Google advertising

Google Advertising

One major form of advertising that doesn’t require any creative graphics is Google advertising, otherwise known as Google Ads, Pay Per Click, PPC Cost Per Click or CPC.

Search engine marketing will ensure you are truly competitive in the search engine rankings and maker your website, product or service quickly found by your target audience.




It’s important to remember that a high number of consumers don’t convert from a single visit alone so there has to be a level of re-engagement to bring them back when they return to the internet.

A remarketing campaign will help target those consumers with a sponsored advert when they next visit Facebook or perform a Google search, for example. Remarketing works on a cost per click (CPC) basis but it is much more cost effective than a paid search campaign on Google.

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