These days, video production is king within the digital advertising world.
Did you know, 1 billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. Moreover, since the introduction of 5G, video ads have overtaken static banner ads in mobile digital advertising. Now is the time to embrace video within your digital marketing.

Video content creation

Visual impact

Today’s audience is bombarded with marketing and advertising content through a multitude of devices. TV, mobiles, billboards, magazines, etc – all fighting for attention. Cutting through the clutter is motion graphics and especially video production – conveying key messages in an engaging, effective and compelling way.

Consumers love video because it’s easy to digest, entertaining and totally engaging. Equally, marketers like it because it can lead to huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels, especially mobile use.

Design Inc’s animation and video production services help convey your message, enhance your brand and hold the viewer’s attention.

Moreover, it’s also a great conversion tool that works alongside your other digital marketing assets: websites, apps, social media, search, PPC, to help with your sales funnel. We support your video production from the initial creative idea, devising a video storyboard and script, through to the production of the final edits.

Video: the digital marketer’s dream

Search engines adore video.
Search engines love videos and treat them as high-quality content. Using optimised video in digital content can seriously improve your SEO.

Video informs better
97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products. Consumers require instant gratification and, with so much competition available at their fingertips, loyalty to brands has waned. Engaging video grabs the consumers’ attention to provides instant information about the brand product or service.

Video boosts conversions
Over 90% of consumers say that video helps them make a purchasing decision. When through digital advertising or website landing pages, video truly engages with the audience.

Design Inc deliver creative and engaging videos that have the right balance between holding your audiences’ attention and driving your corporate or marketing message home. Our video production services always begins with the development of a storyboard for client approval and followed with a proposition of a range of digital video production options for consideration.

Motion graphics is another area in which we excel, we can produce title sequences, commercials and branding for TV, as well as graphics and animation for trailers and promos on the web, and for the creative side of the corporate video and digital video market.

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