Is mobile marketing the new holy grail of digital marketing?

Is mobile marketing the new holy grail of digital marketing?

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Mobile marketing currently leads the way in digital advertising. And with no signs to ever slow down, can you afford not to include mobile within your marketing mix?

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Mobile marketing: The mobile handset is nothing short of a global revolution. Across the world, there are now over 7 billion active handsets in operation – making it one of the most widely-used pieces of technology in history. Compare this to the 4.2 billion toothbrushes on the planet and this gives you some perspective.

Mobile is such a powerful media format which has unparalleled targeted marketing options available – making many social media platforms consider this as a serious threat to their revenues.

Google spotted this nearly a decade ago and created Android to ensure that it was at the centre of the mobile marketing revolution. It’s also a key part of our lives: whenever we need to find out more, we use mobile. Whenever we want to make a purchase, we are prefer mobile over desktop. The numbers are startling…

graph showing mobile web traffic
More than half of all web traffic is mobile

As of Q2, 2020, 4.17 billion people are estimated to use the internet via a mobile device with this accounting for over 51% of global internet traffic. Yet, with the introduction of 5G it is expected that almost three quarters (72.6%) of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025. That’s equivalent to nearly 3.7 billion people.

example of mobile advertising campaign

Mobile marketing has been around for as long as mobile phones have been in people’s hands. In the past 10 years or so, banner ads accounted for the majority of ad spend but now, with the introduction of 5G, a major shift in mobile display advertising is occurring.
As mobile video now becomes more prominent and accessible, things are changing fast. Forecasts show that the UK & US are set to become a video-first market, leaving banner ads in its wake.

The mobile user is an advertisers dream; the average user keeps their phone close to hand for 15hrs each day, spending almost 3 hours on their phone with 22% of users checking it every minute. Mobile phone users are loyal to say the least!

Mobile usage provides more information about the users’ interests, behaviours and trends more than any other device. It stores this information and can use it to source the most appropriate advertising to present on screen when they’re browsing, playing games or using apps.

Moreover, social media or desktop, mobile offers real-time engagement whilst people are on the move and has become the most prolific out of home media format available.

And, with this in depth knowledge of a user’s geographic, demographic, social and behavioural information, mobile marketing offers such a targeted audience profile that it practically removes the potential of engaging with unsuitable end users.

mobile ad campaign example

But it doesn’t end there. Mobile marketing is flexible and can target the user through many types of ads (eg video, image, overlay, message, SMS or notification) no matter how they are using their device. For example:

Targeted display ads: adverts appear on websites & apps as people use their device. 
Local messaging: adverts or messages are pushed to devices that have been at a particular location at a particular time – either immediately or at a later date.
Gaming: advertising taps into thousands of games at various stages of play.
Notifications: ad messages are delivered as a push notification with a ‘ping’ sounding its delivery
Sponsored news: ads are designed to appear as part of the publisher’s editorial content, yet signposted by a “sponsored” tag.

Mobile marketing operates on a Cost Per Click format which means that clients only pay when users have clicked the ad and engaged with their brand.
And with a more cost-effective pricing structure than most social platforms, can you really afford not to include mobile in your current digital marketing mix.

If you are considering integrating mobile into your digital advertising campaigns, please do get in touch.