Social Media

Social Media

Reaching your users in their social spaces is a key part of joined-up marketing and social media marketing campaigns are a key opportunity to reach your customers.

Social media marketing


The use of social media marketing campaigns or SMM within the B2B and B2C marketing mix has now gained widespread adoption and acceptance. Whether you are a small or medium enterprise or a larger organisation with multiple and different audiences, there are a vast number of social media management services available to you.

Precision social media marketing can identify your prime prospects. We can create a social media marketing campaign strategy for you, which may include setting up corporate accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, for example, on your behalf. This helps you in gaining a new potential client base to which you can market your products and services.

From product offerings, recruitment campaigns, event marketing, whatever your message a good social media management agency will target your perfect audience to gain best traction.

Social media management

Content Creation

The way people communicate and seek information is evolving and so the way your message can now reach out is fundamentally changing too. Devising best-performing content for your social media platforms requires a truly tailored messaging strategy otherwise you are in danger of losing out on traffic.

Design Inc will work with you to define tactical and strategic messages for corporate awareness, and creating the various content, whether this be text, articles, photos, videos, animations, etc

Ad Campaign Management

Social media is an ideal platform for paid advertising campaigns – not only do they have very large audience numbers (facebook has 2.7bn monthly active users!) but they allow the campaign to be targeted based on the users’ preferences and demographics.
If you want to target middle-aged women from Belize who like poodles, then social media advertising can reach that audience in seconds.

As a social media management agency, we are focused on delivering successful social media advertising campaigns. Always ensuring that social media is measured and its effects monitored, whether that is measured in unique clicks through to your websites, or via the number of ‘likes’, view or downloads for example.

We understand all organisations are different and this is why we create bespoke social media solutions for each client. With our expert guidance, we’ll craft an integrated strategy that will delivery big results.

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