Direct Mail

Direct Mail

When you need to reach identified relevant prospects personally then, an experienced direct mail agency will create an ideal solution that engages with your audience, gains interest and optimises response.

Customer data mining

Direct Mail

Customer data mining is changing the competitive business environment and realising the potential commercial benefits of insight as a driver of innovation. It also provides the solution to irrelevant marketing communications like junk mail.

Our direct mailing services begin with gathering the all important customer ‘data’. You may already have the mailing list data yourself but, if not, we can help you here. We primarily use sources that reflect behaviour, such as transaction card data, where the consumer has voted with their feet, but also overlay research, media and online data. We then extract insight from this data that helps tell us what action to take.

Mobile phone campaign

Creating the message

Whether the direct mailing campaign is awareness, tactical, acquisition or retention, it is crucial that the design of your leaflets, flyers and postcards give the right message to the right person at the right time. Always based on the single-minded proposition we will create, design and implement a highly effective direct mail campaign that maximises response rates.

Of course we can create dynamic direct mailers and write engaging letters and eShots. Plus we often run telemarketing campaigns for our clients. However we always suggest combining all three media for best results, using all three communications tools: online through email, by phone and receiving traditional mailers through the post.

Direct mail design

Optimising response

A direct mail design mechanic may include interactive elements such as incentivised response devices for data capture and the use of enticing formats and tactile materials.

As a direct mail agency, we offer the full range of litho and digital print management services to ensure your direct mail campaign perfectly meets your quality, speed and cost requirements. This also includes personalised printing so that your direct mail can be even more targeted. Furthermore, our direct mail fulfilment team has years of experience from the supply of specialised envelopes to the dispatch and delivery of hundreds of thousands of direct mail items worldwide.

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