Rock Flow Dynamics: Experiential

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Rock Flow Dynamics: Experiential

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Design Inc are proud to have been behind the creation & launch of the Rock Flow Dynamics advertising campaign. Featuring illustrated brand ambassadors, tNav Tim, Jim, Flo and Mo.

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Project Scope

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Experiential
  • illustration
  • Packaging
  • Print
Launch advertisement for Rock Flow Dynamics

A characterful brand

Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD) is a dynamic company making (seismic!) waves in the reservoir modelling software industry. The company’s products are mainly used by specialist exploration/geophysics firms who in turn consult with major international oil & gas companies.

Our brief from RFD was a little unusual in that it specified that we should base our campaign on ‘characters’ But the ‘who’ and ‘what’ and the ‘style’ of these characters was the core of or brief.

A CGI cartoon style was the preferred styling treatment of the Rock Flow Dynamics advertising campaign and brings vibrant colour and ‘larger than life’ fun element to the campaign. This in itself is a metaphor for the appearance of the software screen.

So without further ado, may I introduce Tim, Jim, Flo and Mo!

Rock Flow Dynamics illustrated brand ambassadors


The industry is dominated by a small number of historic players and the inertia that exists amongst prospects can be a hurdle to converting sales.The flagship RFD product is tNavigator which is a powerful integrated software tool that enables combined 3D modelling of both subsea engineering and geological hydrocarbon field analysis.

RFD is proactive with its marketing including large-scale participation in international exhibitions and magazine advertising. Recent advertising campaigns have intentionally set out to be genre-challenging and have been rewarded by an offshore industry publishing award for the most memorable campaign.


three advertisements for Rock Flow Dynamics

The creative solution

The creative solution was to develop small number of client-based characters who were profiled around the different professional roles who gain most benefit from the use of TNavigator – including an early adopter who ‘TNav Tim’ who trailblazes the use of TNavigator in the client organisation.

Each advert in the series introduces a different character and their own particular challenge or opportunity that TNavigator addresses – these align with the 4 main attributes of the software which are:

  • Geology
  • Simulation
  • Uncertainty
  • Network modelling
advertisement appearing on the Rock Flow Dynamics exhibition stand

Taking Tim on the road

RFD have also taken Tim on the road this year, with the campaign making an appearance at exhibitions.
Large graphic prints of the characters and enlargements of the adverts themselves have been used to bring a fresh and approachable feel to the RFD stands at key oil & gas industry events around the world.

Tim, Jim, Flo’ and Mo’ have been used both within the regional back drops and as freestanding life size cut-outs positioned around the stand for selfie-takers. Many of these photos have since made their way to social media.

One of the additional benefits of a character-based campaign is the potential for merchandising and TNav Tim has already lent himself to the manufacture of creative promotional giveaways including a bespoke-designed USB stick Tim figure which is currently proving very popular amongst show visitors.

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