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Lights, camera, reaction!

17th December 2009


Combining image, sound and movement is proven to emotionally engage an audience – if you can also provide clarity of information for your users to act upon – then you have both hearts and minds covered.

It’s probably the ambition of every company to have dynamic movement on their website. Whilst a static picture does paint a thousand words – vastly more users can be entertained by moving images and will sit through an informative presentation rather than reading paragraphs of text to get the same message.

A live company introduction on your home page, an interview with a key team member, or viral video will all add to the ‘depth’ of your service and product message.

Movement or animation doesn’t have to have prohibitive associated costs. If a conceptually strong message is developed – then the related animation, flash and production fees can be quite low.

An actual video presentation involving scripting, actors, filming, and editing is of course a higher cost, but used in the right way and place, the returns can be higher. Video created for your website can easily be used virally and linked to YouTube and other social media networks, for further promotional, accessibility and search engine optimisation benefits.

The technology is there to be used, so what are you waiting for?

Please view one of our video presentation examples.