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Is it REALLY a brochure you need?

15th December 2009


Design Inc receive many requests for brochure design. This is down to two main factors:

  1. we are specialists in brochure design
  2. we invest in SEO, specifically for ‘brochure design’ and for ‘website design’

One interesting statistic however is that approximately 50% of people requesting brochure design do not actually need a brochure. They may want one to be designed, but they certainly do not need one. It just may be it’s the first thing they thought of.

One of the first questions any design & marketing agency should ask the customer here is “What do you really want your brochure to do?”

Of course, there are many answers including;

“…to bring business in.”

“…advertise a new product range.”

“…provide a back up to our sales force.”

“…inform my customers about the company.

The team at Design Inc delve further. We want to work out whether the brochure route is the most appropriate for the campaign. This research includes finding out about:

The recipients – is there a suitable list to send the brochures to? What sort of companies/people are they?
The industry – what approach is expected? What is frowned upon?
The competition – what is the competition doing? What makes our client different?

From here, we can work out the true options for our clients. Don’t get me wrong, often a brochure is the correct medium, but sometimes alternate approaches may be more appropriate:

  • – direct mail
  • – website
  • – SEO / PPC campaign
  • – advertising campaigns
  • – leaflet design
  • – exhibitions
  • – sponsorship
  • – face to face presentations

Check out our portfolio to see these alternatives.