Subsea Target

Subsea Target

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Design Inc is proud to have devised the creative and deliverable for this subsea marketing initiative.

The Subsea Target branding was the first step in a major Subsea UK initiative and marketing campaign developed to facilitate the movement of new and transferable skills into the subsea sector.

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Subsea Target website design
Subsea Target brand logo

The brief

Industry body, Subsea UK made the decision to provide major investment into a sector-wide initiative that will serve to address the shortage of people coming into the subsea sector.

Oil prices had led to a dramatic growth in the number of companies directly involved in the subsea industry. And they all were growing at a rapid pace. It was quickly recognised that, should the growth continue, the shortage of personnel would create a major issue to the sector as a whole.

Subsea Target profile
Subsea Target website design

The approach

The project required marketing resources and collateral that would complement Subsea UK’s initiative to facilitate the movement of workers into the subsea sector.

Following a workshop in Aberdeen, we understood the strategy needed individually focus on five key ‘personnel types’, each one at a different stage in their career. This subsea advertising initiative would focus on:
1 Those already in similar industries
2 Job changers
3 Graduates
4 School leavers
5 Those currently in education

It was clear in the understanding of the initiative that this was effectively a linear process with all the personnel types positioned at different distances away from the goal.

The outcome

The branding solution was obvious to us. We named it Subsea Target and devised the brand logo as a target too – this was a simplistic and effective design showing colour-coded concentric rings around the red core. The subsea sector itself was the red bullseye and the outer rings depicted the different types of personnel the initiative would focus on.

Once we had a brand identity, we could set to work designing the various collateral pieces required which would include the new website. These would require further brand assets: imagery and messaging for each of the personnel types.

The overarching imagery was based upon a long red sofa upon which the five personnel types would sit. Accompanied by the strap line ‘how would a subsea career sit with you, we focused on the creation of an educational website, exhibition graphics, advertising and info packs.

Subsea advertising

The reaction

The outcome was very well received by both industry body, Subsea UK and all the various subsea companies who had signed up to support the initiative.

Operations Manager, Trish Banks said, “For many years the guys at Design Incorporated have supported us with subsea advertising, branding and marketing collateral. With Subsea Target, they really did us all proud, they always do. We’re delighted with the Subsea Target branding – it hits the mark perfectly.”

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