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Design Inc’s guide to a sucessful website

4th June 2010


We are proud to announce a new development to our website! We have just launched an interactive facility which simply outlines all the elements necessary to ensure your current or new website is as effective a marketing tool as it can be.

Whether your business is actually based and sells online or simply marketed online, an effective website is your most important communications asset. There are many elements to the location, design, build and population and promotion of your site. All of which present both opportunities and threats. Opportunities that is, to get it very right, and the real threat of getting it very wrong.

Here is our guide to the elements; can you tick all the boxes? First off, what is the desired response from your user? If you can answer that question instantly and have the resources in place to react to that response, then you know what we are working to achieve.

If you are considering a forthcoming creative/marketing project, you may be interested in receiving Design Inc’s  Information Pack.