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What are you made of? – Fitness versus fatness.

7th June 2010


For both athletes and the general population, your body composition is an essential measure of health and fitness.

With 2012 on the horizon, professional sportsmen and women know there is nothing more detrimental than carrying out dead weight. So, for those considering a weight loss program, accurately assessing your body fat percentage is one of the most important measurements you can take.

Moreover, with the knowledge that excess body fat is directly linked with a number of serious medical conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers, accurate measurement and continual monitoring is crucial.

Founded in 1923, Tanita Corporation is an ethical health care product manufacturer. They are the supplier of choice for body composition monitors, and supply their monitors to fitness and health organisations, surgeries, clinics as well as to the end consumer. Tanita monitors provide instant measurement, not just of weight but also:

  • Body Fat
  • Visceral Fat
  • Body Water
  • Muscle Mass
  • Bone Mineral Mass
  • Daily Energy Requirement

With the London Olympics only 2 years away, Tanita Corporation made the decision to push their brand and products further into Europe through international print advertising for both consumer and trade campaigns. And in March 2010 following a creative pitch from several marketing communications agencies, Tanita Europe selected Design Inc as their preferred partner.

Our winning creative promotes an aspirational message: healthy bodies tattooed with a ‘food packaging ingredients’ list.

Design Inc Marketing Consultant David Parker says, “We wanted to show just how delicately balanced the human body is and show just what the healthy body is made of. We are all made of the same stuff, although of course, the amounts differ from one person to the next. Our creatives provide the message that Tanita body composition monitors accurately keep your health on track to what is right for you. The new Tanita advertising campaign has been designed to provide a simple, strong and on-brand message. We look forward in ensuring this campaign is delivered over the next two years.”

The Design Inc team were involved with all aspects of this advertising design campaign including:

  • Creative & Marketing Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Artworking
  • Copy Writing
  • Photo Shoot
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Models
  • Project Management

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