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Farnborough Fly Past

28th May 2010


The SBAC Farnborough Airshow returns this July. Some of you are no doubt planning how to fulfil the strategic potential of the investment in your exhibit. Who remembers when SBAC stood for Society of British Aircraft Constructors and when the show was held at other venues like Hatfield and Radlett. The halcyon days to many! The era of the test pilots and British companies at the cutting edge of both military and commercial aviation, avionics, missiles, satellites and rocketry.

Today’s Farnborough is a shop window for the World’s aerospace industry. Ensuring that a presence at the show maximises the return on cost requires detailed planning, Prospect and customer relationship management, hospitality, some ear-to the ground market intelligence and guerrilla tactics.

Getting a hearing in a crowded room, full of competing vendors can be a challenge. However getting a large chunk of your target audience in one place at one time is still a logistical opportunity to be made the most of.

Design Inc help clients focus on the event attendees that count and put together tailored packages to support the dialogue and engagement between visitors and hosts.  You may have existing clients to entertain, prospects who are about to become clients to close deals with, you will certainly have contacts you will want to network with and colleagues you will want to exchange best practice and insights with.

As a creative design company providing online marketing strategies, including corporate identity creation, digital email marketing campaigns and corporate video presentations. It Is not too late to create some Farnborough related PR interest, client hospitality or sponsorship campaigns in connection with the networking events, seminars or the exciting Futures Day aimed at getting young minds thinking about flight and space engineering.

Everyone has a favourite ‘Farnborough’ story or memory, what ‘s yours? My own is borrowed from dad I’m afraid – but witnessing a DH Mosquito flypast at zero feet with BOTH props feathered takes some beating in my book!

Please leave a comment; we’d love to hear some myths too!