Are You Being Creative with your Marketing During Lockdown?

Are You Being Creative with your Marketing During Lockdown?

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Now is a crucial time to engage with your customers and promote your company's services. But you'll need to be creative with your marketing during lockdown.

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Are you still marketing during lockdown?
As consumers stay at home, the demand for brands’s products & services have seen a tremendous decline. Approximately 69% of marketers have said they have put their marketing spend on hold.

But, as the competitor landscape slows down with its marketing, now is the ideal time to push your own brand forward. And, it doesn’t need to involve huge investment but rather it requires a more creative & strategic approach to your activity.

Let customers know you’re still there & still care
With the majority of workers working away from the office, what happens when someone visits your website or calls your switchboard?
Could you be missing out on enquiries because the customer cannot get through to you as easily or as quickly as before.

If you have a switchboard number that cannot easily be diverted, then add a phone message that provides information about who and how to call. Moreover, now is the time to add a message to your website that tells visitors what you are doing during the lockdown, are you still there for them and, if so, what is the best way for them to now get through to you.

Poor communication will leave a long-lasting bad taste in your client’s mouth. And yours, if you find they went elsewhere.

Build relationships within your community
Marketing during lockdown is an ideal opportunity to get yourself known. Ironically, whilst the pandemic has led to isolation and social distancing, it has actually brought people together through a shared feeling of community.

So, show those in your local area or business sector that your company is there to support that community.
Content marketing is king – and, if you are a member of a Facebook group for your local area or a LinkedIn group for your sector, then use these social media platforms to provide case study examples of how you have helped others in that community.

Make the most of social media and email marketing during lockdown by providing extra content that is interesting, fun, or entertaining. By establishing your brand as worthy of attention while everyone is stuck at home, you can ensure that you remain relevant.

Offer value. Always
Businesses and consumers are still purchasing. Perhaps less than before but the economic outlook has led to them all looking for more value in their purchasing. So, focus more on the benefits to them of using your product/services.

Moreover, is there any incentive you can offer them at this time? Perhaps a £ or % discount, a delayed invoice or perhaps a contribution or gift to a charity or NHS worker group for every purchase or order received.

Adapt to your audience
During lockdown, unless key workers, all buyers (business and consumers) are now based at home. So think, how can you adapt your marketing activity to get your message through more effectively?

Of course, meetings in person are out of the question but there are countless online video meeting solutions available to you where you could still run that business meeting / presentation and get your message across.. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and HouseParty are three well-known examples. So, join up with one and get to know how it works. They are really simple to use.

Expand online ordering
If you sell a product, now is the ideal time to make it even more visible and available online. And there are two reasons behind this: not only will many of your competitors have reduced their budgets and therefore also their online exposure, but also this lockdown period is seeing a dramatic increase in online ordering.

So, talk to your web designer regarding improving your website for SEO reasons, make your page content even more relevant for searches and increase your Google AdWords spend.

Keep positive
A large number of your customers may be feeling more anxious than usual. And, whilst we all understand their worries, you do not need to feed their worries. Instead, you can still provide a positive presence when sharing information online. This means ensuring your online content and conversations remain uplifting & constructive. Be the company and brand that they remember for the right reasons.

Get ready for the future
At sometime in the future, the world will get back on its feet, lockdown will be over and confidence will return to the market. With a vengeance. But, if you are not ready, you will be left behind. Marketing during lockdown is therefore so important.

Now is the perfect time to get that new brand, ad campaign or brochure completed. Speak with your creative agency now – it may be that they have an offer on at this time if they are not as busy as normal – and get your marketing collateral updated. Get ready for the future, get ready to bounce back stronger than ever!


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