How to best use Social Media During Lockdown

How to best use Social Media During Lockdown

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Since people cannot interact with their clients and prospects in person, social media has rapidly earned the marketing crown during lockdown.

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Five goals for your social media content.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, those in lockdown have embraced social media like never before. Since people can’t hang out with their colleagues , clients and prospects in real life, they’re connecting virtually — on every platform possible
Over the past month, screen time on social media platforms has risen by 36%, content engagement on Instagram has increased by 25% and UK use of video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams or HouseParty shot up a staggering 40 times in the first month of lockdown!

And, with the situation set to continue for another month at least, we wanted to highlight the five most important content goals on which companies using social media during lockdown should focus.

Let your customers, prospects & suppliers know what you are doing during this time. With many companies shutting down (whether just for the lockdown period or forever), it is crucial you let them know that you are still there, in whatever capacity. Be honest, let them know what you can do, how you are working, any change of lead time and how to best get hold of you during this period.

The more you can keep communicating with your audience, the more they will know they can continue to rely on your service. Regular service updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts are one thing but use all other methods and platforms to get your marketing message across
For example, if you provide goods or services to the local economy, join a local community Facebook group and post regular messages. Not just about your services of course, but also include messages of support of the local community during this stressful time.

Over 90% of consumers believe that brands should continue to advertise during the lockdown period. Moreover 66% believe that advertising would be more effective if the message is supportive of the local community, local government and health organisation.
There seems to be an expectation that companies should use their presence on social media for good and not to exploit the crisis.
As an example, there has been a big shift to show support for care & health workers with many companies, large and small, using social media advertising to offer them free or discounted goods & services. And research has shown that consumers will get behind those companies who make such offers.
So, ask yourself, is there anything your company can offer? If not free or discounted services, then what else? Even a ‘shout out’ or a thank you to NHS workers through a social media post will go a long way to getting your brand respected.

Encourage engagement and respond to comments as soon as possible. During lockdown, as audiences are online for much longer than usual, it’s a great opportunity to converse with them; but this only works to your favour as a business if you respond quickly.
Social media is the easy way to chat with your audiences so make that conversation memorable, positive and engaging. It is fine to have a fun or light-hearted conversation with your (potential) clients but, just because you may be a bit more relaxed working from home doesn’t mean you can talk to your audience as if they are a mate in the pub. They are not! So, no offensive language and no inappropriate comments. Instead keep your contents (and therefore your brand) polite, positive and professional.

Many companies use social media as a one-way street – selfishly posting a message here and there about their own services in the hope that someone may see it. But, churning out piece after piece of content is not an effective way to engage your customers.
Although content is king, only high-quality, engaging content converts leads and captures new audiences. And social media can offer so much more offers – a way for your audience to interact with you and engage more strongly with your company.
And, right now during lockdown with individuals in need of social interaction, it’s the perfect time to get creative and come up with ways to engage your audience.
From a fun Facebook questionnaire, a live Instagram broadcast, a video conferencing virtual pub quiz or even a company-wide dance routine on video-sharing platform, Tik Tok, there are so many opportunities to get interactive.
And, remember, your social media use does not always have to be about you and your services – instead you can become the company that is recognised, admired and remembered for its fun, unique, attention-grabbing content.

For any business using social media, content is king. But, during lockdown, it is king, emperor and president all rolled into one.
So, ensure your content is optimised for SEO and add relevant keywords, hashtags & user names to your posts, so they gain the traction they deserve. Adding the right keywords can make a huge difference in how your posts perform.
But there’s so much more you can do:
– plan & schedule your posts in advance
– include images & video
– post regularly, 1-3 times a day
– be active on multiple social media platforms
– ensure your company’s profile page is complete

With the world self isolating and everyone on their phones looking for social interaction, now’s the time for you to use social media during lockdown. So join up, join in and get your brand out there.


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