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The Winner of Design Factor 2009 is…

12th October 2009


So the X Factor live shows started this weekend. Now we will really get to see whether the artists are as good as we have been told they are. There is nowhere to hide for Stacey, Jamie Afro et al and if we really don’t like them we can vote them off and no longer have to suffer the pain of their singing.

That got us discussing an X Factor for creative agencies and Design Inc’s dream of winning a national design competition. After all, this is all we’ve ever wanted. This is all we ever think of. This is what we were incorporated to do.

Design Incorporated design award

Design Incorporated - winners of Design Factor?

Of course, we would use a sob story to get the sympathy vote first…we used to design on a Power PC 7600, we were best friends, we were inseparable, creating designs all day long. One morning however, when we booted up, it didn’t stir. And despite our ‘kind’ pleas, slaps and punches, the Power PC had finally moved to the great silicon city in the sky.

But still, we would be so excited to get into the final 12. The weeks would go by and whatever design genre they threw at us, we would show our versatility and make those designs our own. Brochure design one week, web design the next, and on it would go with other agencies being voted out each week. Xmas would come and our hard work would get us into the final with two other creative agencies.

For the final we’d have to design like we’ve never designed before. We would need to design, illustrate and brand our creative hearts out. And then would come that statement. The statement that would make or break us. The one that would make this day the first day of the rest of our lives. And so, with our hearts beating fast, it would be read out…….

“The winner of Design Factor 2009 is……………”