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Design Inc at MEBA 2010 Dubai

10th June 2010


The regional market optimism witnessed by those attending the Dubai Air show last November (2009) is now gaining momentum and rapidly rolling forward to MEBA in December 2010. The Middle East region being seen as not only an opportunity itself by many but also as a stepping stone into Asia for many European aerospace companies. Several of our clients continue to look to the east for projected business growth and are building on their regional Gulf presence.

Market intelligence and message development at these planning stages can help exhibitors to make the most of the commitment to attend. Apart from the obvious attraction of some December sunshine, many smaller companies who offer highly specialised services are investing in shared-stand accommodation. This can be very cost-effective as not only enabling the face-to-face on stand contact, but in participation as show exhibitor enabling additional supporting guerrilla activities on the show fringe. The organisers of most aviation industry trade fairs like MEBA encouraging and accommodating creative participation as business seeds are sown.

The design of exhibition space usually falls into two clear camps, the ‘stakeout your territory approach’ all walls and stools with flags and towers at each corner, demonstrating the maximum acreage of your expensive floor space – but a little intimidating to approach as your visitors may be fearful of being rounded upon by lurking salespeople. Better perhaps to design an innovative stand with a seamless boundary transition that blends into the surrounded aisles – the prospect then being drawn onto the stand by the ambient feeling of space and calm. Actually arriving right in the middle of your brand and message without even being aware that they have strayed into the zone! Gotcha.