Offshore, Subsea & Renewables Specialists.

Offshore, Subsea & Renewables Specialists.

Design Incorporated is an award winning, integrated and dedicated subsea creative agency with a specialism in offshore engineering and subsea marketing. We are proud to include industry & membership bodies, Subsea UK and The Society of Underwater Technology amongst our longstanding clients and are committed to supporting this dynamic sector within the UK.

Our clients include software and equipment manufacturers, engineering firms, professional bodies, vessel operators and ancillary service providers, including training companies, recruitment agencies and consultants.

man, water graphic created for Subsea UK by subsea creative agency, Design Inc.

Amongst our clients we are proud to include such notable industry names as Subsea UK, Wood and Rock Flow Dynamics. We are heavily networked within most areas of the industry and regularly attend key exhibitions such as Subsea Expo. This major event in Aberdeen – for which we actually provide branding, advertising, experiential and publishing design has just celebrated another year of growth and is organised by our long-term client Subsea UK.

We have see the sector flourish based around the Aberdeen centre of excellence, initially about hydrocarbon exploration, going further and deeper, moving on to infrastructure, production and reservoir optimisation. This was followed by  decommissioning and of course the huge expansion of renewables projects based on the harnessing wind and tidal energy in offshore sites.

advertisement appearing on the Rock Flow Dynamics exhibition stand

We also contribute to thought leadership and integrated marketing best practice in the sector and benefit our clients by developing innovative insights from market intelligence. This includes having worked in partnership with the wider subsea sector who were looking for a dedicated subsea creative agency to provide assets for a major recruitment initiative ‘Subsea Target’ which aimed to address the skills shortage in the blossoming UK export success story.

examples of magazines produced for Subsea UK

As a dedicated subsea creative agency, our team of marketers and creatives include marketing and communications professionals whose considerable experience in this sector provides our clients with invaluable insights into what makes a strong differentiated brand and an effective marketing campaign.
Our exposure to the sector means we are networked across the world in several of our key clients niche sectors. We keep ourselves informed of any major industry developments – opportunities and challenges as well as subscribing to key trade journals.

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