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Reach prospects directly through a LinkedIn advertising campaign

7th November 2012


Are you making the most of your LinkedIn network through a LinkedIn advertising campaign? Would you like to raise yours and your company’s profile amongst your target LinkedIn group and maximise on your social media & online marketing efforts?

Creating a LinkedIn advertising campaigns is a targeted and cost effective marketing solution. Only your ideal prospects would see your advert and you would only pay if they click through to your profile or website (placements & impressions are free).

LinkedIn adverts only have a limited space available, so to be effective you need to consider:
•    Including a call to action with the headline
•    Targeting specific audiences through your headline and text
•    Including an image or logo that is arresting
•    Making sure the text is concise and easy to read
•    That your advert will be shown in multiple areas with different formatting
•    The journey a prospect will take once the ad has been clicked on

Targeting your LinkedIn advert
Once your advert has been created, you can display it directly to specific viewers based on their industry, job function, seniority and geography. LinkedIn won’t show your ad to members who don’t meet your specified criteria which of course raises the possible return on investment. Also, as you browse your selection of targeting options, LinkedIn can show an estimate of the audience size you’ll be able to reach.

Targeting options include:
Geography: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Oceania
Company: Company name, Industry, Company size
Job Title: Specific job title, Job function, Seniority
Group: Gender, Age

LinkedIn advertising campaigns work in a very similar way to Googles AdWord campaigns (pay-per-click), so individual click budgets can be set as well as fixed spend limits for daily and monthly cost management. The main difference with Google AdWords is that users are ‘targeted’ and not ‘attracted’ through search terms which means the brief advertising messages can make more sense.

This doesn’t mean that Google AdWords are redundant, it just means that the ‘formulation’ of an effective online marketing strategy needs to ensure that organic search engine optimisation, forums & blogs, AdWords, your social media network, LinkedIn company pages and staff profiles etc are all working in harmony. We have found that a LinkedIn advertising campaign can be extremely powerful as a part of a wider social media and search engine optimisation strategy.

Another added benefit is that should you direct traffic from your LinkedIn advertising campaign(s) to your own LinkedIn profile, you can see exactly who has found your LinkedIn advert and found it relevant. Online marketing cannot get much more powerful than that!

For more guidance on how to include a LinkedIn advertising campaign into your online marketing mix please speak with Design Inc LinkedIn advertising specialist MD Dan Gilbert. Design Inc can create effective LinkedIn advertising campaigns that are either stand alone or integrated within your online marketing communication programme.

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