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Your Guide to Out-of-Home advertising

14th July 2017


Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) is a form of advertising that reaches the consumers while they are outside their homes.

This advertising is focused on marketing to consumers when they are ‘on the go’ in public places, in transit, waiting (eg. waiting rooms) and/or in specific commercial locations (eg. shopping centres).

And there is a very good reason why brands & the public sector use Out-of-Home advertising – they know it works. And it works very well

An Out-of-Home advertising campaign enables advertisers to engage with their audience in ways other advertising mediums cannot.
People are spending less time in their homes and it is impossible these days to go a day without seeing a number of out-of-home advertising campaigns – promoting a range of products, services & information – in streets, transport, pubs, shopping centres, billboards, etc.

Furthermore, due to an increasing ownership of smart devices, people can act instantly on advertising messages making OOH more engaging, relevant and meaningful now than it has ever been.

Engaging the audience
Out-of-Home advertising connects with people by placing unmissable messages in their path. Moreover, the people you reach most with outdoor are the people you most want to reach – young, urban, mobile, active & connected.

The positive environment
Out-of-Home advertising reaches people in a positive environment; whether they are near the shops or on their way to work, home, cinemas, pub, sports and leisure venues, in a positive mindset and open to visual stimulus. And therefore open to influence. And, even if they are plugged into their music, whilst their hearing is impaired, research has shown that vision is even more alert.
Done well, Out-of-Home advertising can stick in the mind for years. The best creative is inspiring, and brilliantly condenses the message in visually branded form, taking advantage of our strongest sense, our sight, to lock in the brand message. Think The Economist. Think Carlsberg. Think Wonderbra.

Shout it out
Research has shown that Out-of-Home advertising is the medium which leads to the most mobile searches, and the one with the biggest word of mouth effect. And, if it can get people talking, this can have a stronger viral affect than any YouTube clip.

OOH media is changing the urban landscape, transforming the look of cities and allowing brands to do all sorts of new things. From the high tech to the tactile, outdoor utilises cutting edge technology to engage consumers in ever evolving ways. It’s at the heart of change for brands, activating consumer behaviour and delivering stronger engagement & loyalty.

We understand that buying Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising can appear confusing, but the advertising team at Design Inc can show you how it simple and straightforward it can be. We work closely with the companies who own the OOH positions around the country (eg Exterion Media). So whatever the preferred location for your campaign, we can create a solution to meet your aims.

What is the cost?
There are so many different formats to choose from, whether that’s on the TfL Rail Estate, Buses, trams, retail sites or motorway billboards. The options are many but we will work with you to create an effective out-of-Home advertising campaign no matter how big or small your advertising budget.

Creating an effective advert
Our creative team have years of experience in designing effective advertising campaigns and will work with you to develop your poster artwork. Just talk to us and we can take a creative brief based on your target audience and key message.

To discuss your advertising goals, please contact us on 01784 410380 or send an email.