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Passport to Politics

10th September 2010


A recent design for a direct mail piece by Design Incorporated for Quickstart Global has created a bit of controversy among its recipients – even gaining coverage on the BBC Politics Show!
Copying (but not that closely) a Canadian passport in its format the direct mail piece’s mission and message being to highlight how Quickstart Global can provide enterprises the means to outsource overseas and access grants and incentives provided by, in this case Canada for software development in the gaming industry. Unfair advantage? Some apparently thought so!

The passport postcard concept was a lighthearted suggestion to UK based developers they may need to migrate to Canada for their next job!

Whether as a result of this direct mail piece, UK Ltd may lose the reputation and revenue it currently enjoys in this sector as programmers decamp across the pond to the land of the Maple leaf and Bryan Adams remains to be seen!

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