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30 Days Until GDPR

25th April 2018


In the film Brewster’s Millions, Richard Pryor had just 30 days to spend $30million but, can you get your data GDPR compliant in that time?

In 30 days from today, the new GDPR rules come into effect. After that, you will not be able to send marketing to your prospects without their consent.

For help in gaining consent from your own clients / prospects, call us now.
– Designing your GDPR procedure
– Tidying up datalists

– Adding consent forms to your website
– Building consent relvant web pages

– Consent-request e-shots & mailshots

In the meantime, why not give us your own consent for us to keep in touch with you. It takes just 10 seconds.

Please contact Frank Norman, Client Services Director on 01784 410380 or by email.