TAG Farnborough Airport

TAG Farnborough Airport

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Farnborough Airport came to us for support in the creation of an advertising campaign to promote this business airport to travellers across Europe.

As specialists in business aviation marketing, we were delighted to help.

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TAG Farnborough Airport exterior building

The request

Prior to Farnborough Airport dropping the ‘TAG’ brand, they approached us to create an advertising campaign to appear across European business press.

They were looking for a way to make themselves stand out to business travellers and, having many business aviation clients based at this location, we were very familiar with the airport and its architecturally-designed buildings.
This knowledge led us to the creation of the ‘Absolutely Iconic‘ series.

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Airport advertising campaign

The airport architecture sets it apart from the rest and, we knew we could do something with this for the advertising.

So, following a full recce and a subsequent photoshoot, we were able to gather a number of iconic shapes, patterns and imagery from in and around the airport. With these, we assembled a number of fun and intriguing montages to present to the business development team at the airport.

From a shortlist of 6 creative routes, we were able to narrow down to just three: each  one depicting the interior, exterior or general experience of the airport.

The Farnborough airport ad campaign was a series of three different advertisements, each showcasing a beautiful, symmetrical profile.

Each advertisement was then translated, resized and supplied to the relevant European media.

The ‘Absolutely Iconic’ advertising has been an absolute success.

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