A new kind of delivery network

Welcome to Residoo, a sustainable delivery network – one that’s made up of people from your local community, who take parcels from couriers in the morning and deliver them when its convenient to the recipient.

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A new dawn for ‘last mile’ deliveries

In late 2020, we were approached to help bring a concept to life through marketing a sustainable delivery solution. The idea was devised by two specialists in the freight & logistics sector who both shared a vision of a more sustainable delivery & return system. One that didn’t have to rely on overloaded & overworked delivery drivers. One that would help reduce the carbon footprint. One that would reduce the numbers of late, broken or missing packages. And one that would help the community.

Welcome to Residoo – so named to describe ‘residents that do’. The concept was visionary and would involve opening up the gig economy to establish a new global, community-based network for ‘last mile deliveries’.

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Background to the brief

Design Inc was initially brought in to establish Residoo’s new brand identity. And, following a successful brand workshop, we were able to identify the core brand drivers, values and proposition. Residoo needed to appeal to three audiences:

The Residooer – the company needed to attract & recruit individuals looking to become part of the network. All ages, from college student through to pensioners, abled and disabled, those looking for steady income or those looking for pocket money.

The Courier – the company needed to get their message out to courier firms, and have them see the Residoo service as an invaluable additional to their own operations.

The Customer – the company needed to get their brand in front of the end user and promote the many benefits of the service.

Establishing the brand

The Design Inc branding team worked their magic and six creative concepts were presented to the client, each focusing on the core value(s) of the company’s solution.
In the creative mix were brands which referenced the more serious ‘connecting’ concepts of ‘networking’, ‘pollination’ and ‘integration’, etc.
The winning concept however, was devised to establish a feeling of ‘personality’, ‘fun’ & ‘positivity’. The Residoo smile – as it became known – established a unique approach that would truly engage all three audiences.

The brand logo depicts a smiling face utilising the last two letters of the name as the eyes. More importantly, it was created in such a way that the face could be extracted as a standalone identity.

Residoo is about people, working happily in their communities to solve the delivery problem. A happy face is the ideal solution for the brand.

Watch the marketing video. Just click the image.

The global courier industry recognise the issue of last mile deliveries and many are working on systems to help reduce congestion, pollution and poor timings. They are now waking up to the fact that a community-based network such as Residoo may be the solution to their needs.
And, with a lot of interest in the concept, the focus over the next year will be on attracting & recruiting the Residooers. And, in order to help achieve their recruitment goals, we created the Residoo website featuring an explainer video, which you can view by clicking on the image.

Residoo approached us for help with marketing a sustainable delivery solution. We are proud to have supported them with the creation of their new brand identity and well as the marketing collateral. We look forward to seeing the growth of this brand over the coming years.

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