We are pleased to have provided 360 degree branding solutions for smart home automation specialist, Nono Smart. This was a long-term, corporate branding exercise that saw us lead the development of their brand name, identity and messaging. 

Nono Smart provides & installs elegant & innovative solutions enabling one-touch control over every aspect of home life. From security to entertainment, utilities to communications.

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The Challenge

The company, originally known as IoT Solutions approached us to establish a new 360 degree branding solution that would position them as leaders in their field. They required a new brand name, identity & marketing assets that had powerful, immediate impact as well as core relevance for the market.

This was to be a consumer facing brand that would need to create cut through in a rapidly emerging sector with a strategic ‘less-is-more’ approach.

360 degree branding

The new brand identity and brand comms were devised over the course of four months through 2020’s pandemic and completed towards the end of that year.

The first challenge was to establish the new company name which would lead the new visual brand identity. Simplicity was key here and, through playing around with letter shapes, sounds and meanings, we came up with the word Nono.
And, as soon as the name was suggested, we could immediately start to visualise the direction we knew the brand logo should take.

Connected living

The new name ‘Nono’ immediately led to us searching for the right font to use. Based on the letters in the word, we knew that a simplistic lower case, sans serif font would be key here. Eventually, our search led us to use Gilroy as the font. And, this would become the basis of the brand logo.

With the company solutions providing a ‘connected home’, we next looked at creative devices that would somehow link the letters within the logo. And this is how the sine wave ribbon was borne. This ribbon flowed seamlessly through the letters – suggesting connectivity, strength & accessibility.

The end result was a simple, corporate and highly differentiated brand logo. The next stage in the process was to establish the company’s wider visual identity

Connect and protect

The shape of the sine wave inspired the curved template style of the marketing collateral. This, along with a brand image library would serve to promote and highlight the power of the family and the core values the nono service brought to the connect home: security, warmth & enjoyment.
We expanded the use of the ribbon to suggests connectivity and security: the ribbon was a roaming device, reaching every room in the house and wrapping securely around the family members.
We topped it all off with the creation of the brand motto: ‘Connect & Protect’

All in all, the 360 degree branding solution for nono was a resounding ‘yes yes’!

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