A better way to pay

BancPay is a convenient payment solution for supply chain financing, offering the supply more favourable terms for early payment. Design Inc were asked to create a multi-language explainer video to advertise this simplified payment process.

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Intelligent cloud invoicing

BancPay was an early cloud-based financing solution that rewarded early payers with a reduction of the invoice value. This served to reduce the buyer’s costs whilst ensuring cash flow for the supplier.

Introduced by BancTec (now owned by Exela Technologies), Design Inc was first commissioned to establish the brand identity. This was followed up with the creation of a range of marketing literature for the brand. This was then followed with the creation of an explainer video.

The video would serve to promote the simplicity of the transactional process with this message seamlessly being understand by a global audience. As such, we knew we needed to create something very simple, something unique whilst retaining a corporate brand style.

The result would end up being be a mix of real life footage and animated backgrounds.

View the BancPay video

Devising the idea

We had already introduced the idea of a single line graphic into BancPay’s brand assets which was to represent its simple and logical financial process. It may sense therefore to expand upon this and have this line ‘draw out’ the process.

And so, the concept of the video started to take shape. We would animate the single line to ‘draw’ the background environment. This would be basic and playful. In the foreground, it was our intention to have an actor walk on to tell the story of BancPay whilst very subtly interacting with the animation.

Working with the client, our copywriter took the many messages and wrote out a simplified script that would serve to:
(i) outline the current pain points
(ii) explain how BancPay work
(iii) focus on the benefits to both customer and supplier.

The shoot

Scene by scene, the backgrounds started to take shape. This began with a line drawing a typical, busy & inefficient office scenario which then be transformed into the world of BancPay. For each scene, we allowed space and time for where the actor would be able to walk around describing how it all worked and the many benefits.

But, of course, we still needed an actor. We had previously seen Simon Morgan within a number of TV explainer commercials including Medifacts, and Accidents Direct and felt he would be perfect for the role and so, we approached his agency to secure his availability.

We hired the studio for two days, the first of which was taken up by using a stand in actor to ensure their exact positions, length of speech and type of ‘interactions’ with the animated backgrounds.

The real shoot took place on the second day, Simon was brilliant and we got more than enough footage to cover all eventualities.

Animation and post production

The background line drawings were then broken down to appear as if each element was being drawn from scratch. The green screen footage added in and positioned perfectly.

We had planned the timings perfectly with the goal being to create the video around two and half minutes. The speed of the animations was manipulated to suite and, allowing for breaks and holds on multiple scenes (including a longer hold at the end of the final scene), the video came in at 2.38mins.

And finally, once the English version was complete, this was sent to a specialist agency to provide translation voiceovers for French, German, Spanish and Swedish versions.
Furthermore, due to the success of this video, a follow up video was created. See here.

View the BancPay video