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‘Blink of an Eagle’ 

We recently created a short video advertisement for Scottish steel fabricators and long-time client, Cairnhill Structures.

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An interesting video advertisement request

Long time client, Cairnhill Structures recently purchased a new touch-screen drinks vending machine for their headquarters in Scotland.
One of the machine’s features, (other than the fact it included minestrone soup in its menu!) was that it allowed a quick, silent 20 second video advertisement to play. This could be set to play on a loop, when someone was using the machine or when they simply approached the machine.

As the video could be personalised to suit, the client approached us for help in the creation of a branded video advertisement so that it could simply be uploaded to the machine.

advertisement for Cairnhill Structures

Creating the video advert

Earlier in the year, we have already established a new advertising campaign for Cairnhill. These featured striking imagery of a blue-tone eagle either perched and looking out or soaring over a sector-specific landscape.

The eagle is the client’s brand and, taking inspiration from this print campaign, we set about creating a ‘Game of Thrones’ / fantasy style video advertisement utilising royalty-free footage.

Named ‘Blink of an Eagle’, the silent advert was crafted to portray the eagle serenely soaring over snow-capped mountains. And then, coming to rest, high up on a mountain perch. The video ends with the eagle turning its head and with an effective blink of its golden eye.

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