Fraqua® makes moves with WBC support.

Fraqua® makes moves with WBC support.

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Introducing Fraqua® - the boxer's water bottle. Read the story of how this WBC-backed product was realised.

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Since 2019, Design Inc have been proud to support Boxing Clever London Ltd with the marketing of Fraqua®️ – the boxer’s water bottle that’s making serious impact within big gloved sports. And now, with further support from the World Boxing Council, the product will benefit from enhanced exposure around the globe.

Fraqua®️ is a simple solution which makes it easy for anyone that is active in big gloved sports to stay hydrated.
There is no need to struggle to get a drink, ask someone for help, remove your gloves, or go without water. Fraqua®️ is the essential hydration tool and a must-needed and welcome piece of equipment for any self-sufficient athlete.

Design Inc is proud to be the creative agency behind Fraqua®️’s on- and off-line marketing. Whether that is through the creation & delivery of their global advertising campaign or simply via influencer marketing directed to the heart of the boxing world.

Now that the product has also drawn attention from the WBC – who will be presenting the bottles at some upcoming fights – we thought it’s time to share the Fraqua®️ story and let you know how it all began….

The boxer’s water bottle – How it all started? 
Fraqua®️ was born from a young amateur boxer’s dream of staying hydrated independently whilst wearing boxing gloves. That boxer was a British boy called Frank Ripley.

From the age of six, he was glued to the T.V watching anything to do with boxing and shadow boxing in his bedroom. At age eight, he first stepped foot into a local boxing club but soon realised he had problems drinking whilst gloved-up. Either the coach would need to help him drink from a water bottle, he would spill it everywhere or just not take a drink because it was too difficult. 

One day, he came home and asked his mum if she could buy him a bottle he could use. So, she looked on the internet. Unfortunately, to no avail – it didn’t appear that any such bottle existed. ‘You should invent one’ she told him.

One breakfast time, he came up with a sketch based on the idea of ‘drawing water from a well.’ Then, with a pot of Gorilla glue, some zip ties and an old water bottle, Frank started to turn his sketch into reality. The concept simply was to have a handle big enough to fit any size of boxing glove, so he could pick it up effortlessly, without any help.

Frank’s mother was so impressed, she spoke directly to some product designers and relayed what her son had visualised. The designers and engineers transformed it into a reality and came up with a product prototype.
But, that was just the start of the manufacturing mission. It took many years of perfecting and product testing before the Fraqua®️ bottle was moulded correctly. And then some more time before it was ready to be mass produced. 

Now at the age of 15, Frank’s dream has come true. The boxer’s water bottle, named after his initials, is now available for purchase. You can get yours at

But, that’s not the end of the story. The WBC has recently stepped in to provide additional exposure. They like the product so much that they have worked with Frank to create the WBC-branded, ‘Fraqua®️ X WBC’ edition.

Design Inc is very proud of Frank and his idea. We are proud of his mum in helping to bring it to reality. Moreover, we are also very proud indeed to be able to support Fraqua®️ in their early years and we look forward to supporting for years to come.

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