Design Inc merges with Moore-Wilson to extend our digital marketing expertise.

Design Inc merges with Moore-Wilson to extend our digital marketing expertise.

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Screen Pages acquired by Moore-Wilson

Having celebrated 25 years and further to successful negotiations towards the end of 2022, Design Inc is pleased to have become part of the Moore-Wilson group.

Moore-Wilson is a strategic and successful digital marketing agency and the merger now enables Design Inc to provide our clients a more sophisticated and wider range of digital marketing solutions covering web builds, SEO, PPC,  Hosting & Site Support
We are very confident that our clients will benefit from the shared resources and wider services now available.

Dan Gilbert said:

“I am very proud of the Design Incorporated team’s achievements, loyalty and commitment. As we reached our 25 year milestone, we can all be proud of our sustained performance, creative awards and becoming leading specialists in a number of key B2B sectors. We would like to thank all our clients, team members and associates – both past and present for making this all possible.

As we moved past the challenges of the pandemic it became clear that the best way to regain momentum, grow and move forward would be to become part of a larger group where a quantum leap in capacity (in digital-coding and project management particularly) could be provided to our clients ‘overnight’ so to speak. The plan being that by joining a larger company myself and Frank would be better supported in the day to day running of the client projects with more account handling back-up and systems. This would also allow us to look more strategically at clients’ businesses adding ‘quality time’ if you like, value and oversight. So we started to tentatively put feelers out to the industry. These sort of situations requiring a strong match in aspirations, practicalities and chemistry, of course.

Steve Wilson approached us mid-2022 and it was quickly obvious that there were synergies and shared values. Our skill strengths dovetailed neatly as Moore-Wilson were looking to bolster their branding and diversify their design offering to provide more ongoing and campaign support in addition to website builds. Whilst at Design Inc, we were looking for more digital resources and support capacity.

Moore-Wilson impressed me with the number of extensive, multi-functioning and business-critical websites that they have designed, built and support for some enviable clients. We are confident this increased capacity, digital expertise and financial robustness will provide some benefit to each and every Design Inc client in the future.”

Steve Wilson said:

“Back in 1990, Moore-Wilson began as a simple graphic design company. It has been exciting to see it grow steadily over the years to become a leading agency with a very strong digital offering, providing core digital services for our diverse portfolio of major clients. I am particularly proud of our long-serving team of designers, coders and project managers. They have all contributed to our success and made the company the major force that it is today.

Moore-Wilson has been actively seeking ways to bolster our branding and marketing capabilities. We took some considerable time looking for the right company to acquire. We were looking for a strong track record, complementary skills and shared values when it comes to client servicing and looking after employees. Design Incorporated ticked these boxes. Dan has the same client-centric approach and he also values his employees very highly. Design Inc impressed me with their conceptual and campaign work and desire to ‘push the creative envelope’ for clients in order that they get the best and lasting value from their investment.

We approached Dan during 2022 and naturally, the ensuing discussions have taken some time to come to fruition. As we begin a New Year I am very pleased to announce that Design Inc has become part of the Moore-Wilson group. We are looking forward to offering enhanced branding, design and digital marketing services to our digital clients old and new. We look forward to helping all our clients grow in 2023 and beyond.”