Design Inc sponsor The Big Duck Race

Design Inc sponsor The Big Duck Race

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The Big Duck Race is the flagship event of Staines-upon-Thames Day to be held on Sunday 25th June. And now, there is an extra prize for 'Best Designed Duck', sponsored by Design Inc.

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Design Inc are once again, proud to announce its association with, and sponsorship of The Big Duck Race in 2023.

For over ten years, the Big Duck Race has been the flagship event at Staines-upon-Thames Day, raising much needed funds for Surrey-based charity, Midas Plus.

The entries for the Big Duck Race has grown dramatically over the years with the last race seeing over 200 large ducks floating down the Thames near Staines Bridge.

Not only has the number of entries grown but so has the quality of the decorations of the ducks. So much so that Design Inc & Midas Plus have got together to announce the introduction of a new prize to go alongside the traditional award for the Race Winner.

Best Duck Design
The new Best Duck Design Award celebrates the best of duck decoration and comes with a cash prize for the winner and two runner-ups.
So, even if your duck is slow and don’t win the race you can still win a prize – so long as your duck is beautifully designed &/or creatively decorated (and doesn’t involve any outboard motors, of course!).

“We are more than proud to welcome Design Inc as part of The Big Duck Race family” says Mike Wylie, Trustee of MidasPlus.
“The great thing about the race is not necessarily the winning but rather the taking part and witnessing the spectacle of so many wonderfully designed ducks on the water. Design Inc is a successful creative agency based in our town and have just celebrated 25 years as a business here. It is therefore perfect timing for them to come on board to sponsor this addition prize.
Their sponsorship of the new Best Designed Duck Award will help provide even more incentive to make our duck race the best ever.”

Staines-upon-Thames Day
The 2023 Staines-upon-Thames day will be held on Sunday 25th June and features hundreds of stalls and attractions including bands playing throughout the day, dancers, comedians, funfair, competitions, food & beer tents. And, of course, The Big Duck Race.

Starting in Two Rivers at 2pm, the big ducks race down the River Colne and into the Thames with the finishing line at the Memorial Gardens close to Staines Bridge. 

Ducks cost £50 each (or £25 if you are re-entering your duck from last year)
Schools & colleges pay £25 (reduced to £15 to re-enter)

Get involved - buy your duck here

Nick Bennett, one of the creative designers at Design Inc has put together five ideas to give you some inspiration.

Quality & Quantity. Don’t be afraid of using lots of colour & patterns to make your duck stand out.
Uniform. Put clothes on your duck and turn it into a policeman, a firefighter, a nurse. Or even a movie star!
Accessories. Add stuff to your duck – jewellery, fake gems, glitter, feathers, buttons. The more the merrier.
Colour. The more bright colours, the better – ensure you use acrylic or waterproof paints though!
Kit. Dress your duck in the kit colours of your favourite team, whether that is football, rugby or even F1.