Advertising Portfolio

Advertising Portfolio

Design Inc specialise in the creation of print, digital and out-of-home advertising campaigns for businesses across all industry sectors.
Please scroll through our advertising portfolio to see some examples of our work.

Surrey Police

‘Stop Hate’

Surrey Police required an out of home advertising campaign to promote the message of Hate Crime to focus on five hate crime disciplines: sexual identity, gender orientation, race, religion & disability.
The first advert in the series would focus on the first two disciplines and would be launched in time for Pride.

The creative concept strips everything bare to portray a single message being worn on a pure white t-shirt against a backdrop which relates to the individual discipline. In this case, the Pride rainbow.

The campaign ran on buses, train, stations as well as on posters at pride events around Surrey.

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Helicopter advertising campaign



Design Inc are proud to have won the Global print advertising account for Airbus Helicopters, with the task being to create a series of adverts, each serving to promote one of 8 rotary aircraft deployments: military, medical, police, business and oil & gas.

The creative designs feature a juxtaposition of a helicopter with a single item which would represent the deployment type. For business travel, a helicopter was positioned onto the head of a quality fountain pen. Similar creatives worked for the other deployments:
a medical kit – ‘Think Medic’
a flashing blue – ‘Think Secure’
a petrol pump – ‘Think Oil & Gas’

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Award winning advertising campaign for Royal Opera House by venue marketing specialist, Design Inc UK

Royal Opera House


The Royal Opera House is home to the Royal Ballet and when the venue decided to open their doors for daytime business events, we created a strategic print & OOH advertising campaign for them.

This featured a series of adverts, the design of each placed an outfit from a famous ballet (Swan Lake, The Mikado, etc) onto a writing instrument. This juxtaposition simply & effectively portrayed the connection between the venue and the business event use.

The campaign was very successful for the client and also won ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ at that year’s MIMA Awards.

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Farnborough Airport

‘Absolutely iconic’

To complement the new look website we delivered for Farnborough Airport, we also created their new look advertising campaign.

This series of advertisements heavily featured iconic imagery of the private business airport. Design inc were responsible for the photography, design and roll out of the campaign throughout a number of European sector publications as well as digital media and social media.

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Rock Flow Dynamics

‘Formula 1’

Following up from an earlier advertising campaign for RFD in which we introduced a series of illustrated brand characters, we were asked to create a similar style OOH advert which would promote their brand to delegates going to an exhibition held in Monaco close to the time of the Monaco Grand Prix

Knowing that many would be flying into Nice Airport, we designed the advert that could be placed on both digital screens and printed areas at the airport.
The design featured an F1-based illustration with their company-sponsored Formula 1 winning the race.

In total the advert appeared in 65 positions in the airport and we needed to set up artwork for 17 different sizes.

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Nottingham BID

‘No Place For Hate’

Nottingham BID (Business Improvement District) approached Design Inc after seeing the work we did for Surrey Police’s hate crime campaign

They wanted our help in the creation of their own hate crime campaign which would specifically focus on the night time economy (NTE) in Nottingham.

Our solution was a series of advertisement which introduced the phrase ‘No Place For Hate’ appearing on NTE-related imagery. This included a beer hand pump (drink) a restaurant menu (food), a band’s drum kit (events) and on a travel card (transport).

The campaign appeared at city wide bus, tram & train stations as well as through a reach campaign on various social media channels.

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‘Refined, Defined, Designed’

Drom UK manufactures high quality saunas, steam rooms and spas. To coincide with the company’s new showroom, an advertising was commissioned.

Design Inc worked closely with the photographer and the models to establish a showcase of photographs which featured the models using the product.

The result was a series of three beautiful advertisements created to promote showers, steam rooms or saunas which would go on to be used across a number of trade publications worldwide.

Large format advertising for VSC created by venue marketing specialist, Design Inc UK

Victory Services Club


To promote London’s Victory Services Club as a venue for business and corporate events, we created an advertising campaign featuring a series of ads, each suggesting that, with the VSC, you simply get more.

By reducing the perceived size of their food, drink and event services as opposed to the size of people interacting with the products, the adverts created the impression that everything with the VSC was supersized.

The advert campaign ran for 12 months and was nominated for a creative award.

City Diamond Exchange

‘Woman In Black’

City Diamond Exchange are a London-based diamond investment company and were looking for an advertising campaign which would help portray their service.

Design Inc pitched several design idea to the client, each focusing on the sophistication behind high-end luxury.

A photoshoot led to a series of beautiful imagery and, by using these as black and white, we were able to instil a higher level of luxury still.

The campaign ran in a number of HNWI publications.

Surrey Police

‘Puppet Strings’

This public information advertising campaign highlighted the sensitive subject of child sexual exploitation providing information as to how to spot the signs.

Appearing on buses, trains and digital billboards across the county, as well as through a reach campaign on social media, the campaign featured a boy and a girl treated as puppets by a hidden ‘manipulator’. The individual strings highlighted the various signs to look out for.

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Thistle & Guoman Hotels

‘Get More’

Thistle & Guoman Hotels came to us for help in the creation of a Out of Home advertising campaign which would appear at bus and train stations throughout London.

They wanted to promote their hotels to event bookers and were offering a higher than industry-standard commission rate. Based on this knowledge, Design Inc created a series of illustrative advertisements to promote this message.

The campaign featured different quirky illustrations, each showing a clear difference between the two rates.

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Fortress Paints

‘If brushes could choose’

Fortress Paints secured a deal to get their trade paints into all B&Q stores, and approached design Inc for help with a social media advertising campaign which would targeting both the trade as well as DIY enthusiasts.

We devised an advertisement which would portray the paint as the one selected by the brush itself. This led to a dedicated photoshoot of the range of paints as well as us photo manipulating the brush to show the bristles being attracted to the Fortress paint as opposed to any other.

The final design was simple and effective and the campaign ran for 4 months across all social media channels during their launch period.



Following on from the rebranding we had delivered for this client, we were commissioned to create a short movie advertisement.

The new company branding heavily features an eagle and we brought this into the advertisement within the style of ‘Game of Thrones’.

The advertisement was only to last 20 seconds and was created as an silent ‘intro’, appearing on their conference presentations, exhibition stands, office reception. We even reformatted the advert to work on the movie screen of their in-house coffee maker!

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