Surrey Against Domestic Abuse

Surrey Against Domestic Abuse

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In conjunction with Surrey Police, Surrey Against Domestic Abuse commissioned us to create a short-form animated video. We were more than happy to support this charity with this messaging.

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The creative premise was straightforward. Keep it brutally simple, keep it focused, make it memorable. The goal was to create a message that highlighted the various statements made to a real victim of domestic abuse by her partner.

The victim had stated that the abuse and threats left her not being able to do anything or go anywhere on her own and it was like ‘having her limbs cut off’.

We used this statement as inspiration to deliver a simple animation but with little actual movement. This started with an illustration of a young, free woman who, bit by bit, was turned into a chained and controlled puppet.

With a harrowing soundtrack and sound effects, this short domestic abuse video was used online and at conferences.

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